Today’s Top Crypto News in Asia- July 4th

Happy Wednesday from Zug.

This is where the first Techcrunch Crypto conference will be held. Got any questions on your mind lately for CZ? Tell me and I will shovel my way through the crowd to him to ask them for you…

Also, follow me at @gobalcoinrsrch for the latest announcements and updates from Joe Lubin, Vitalik and all the amazing attendees there.

Hope you guys enjoyed our very first episode of the Global Coin podcast thus far. Please let us know whether you liked it or hated it. Frankly, Benny Giang and I can talk about Asia Crypto easily for hours, so if you want to hear more, just give us a shout. Download it now or at least save it in the Apple Store

Wednesday Surprise

The team at TechBuzz China has just launched their 12th podcast episode on the topic of Bitmain, co-hosted by yours truly, with commentary directly from Jimmy Song and Tim Swanson.
TechBuzz China is a weekly podcast on China’s technology and innovations, hosted by Silicon Valley veterans Rui Ma and Ying-Ying Lu. The podcast contextualizes China’s leading tech companies in an engaging and conversational format and the team has covered highly relevant and interesting topics such as Alibaba’s Ant Financial and mobile phone maker Xiaomi’s IPO. And now also Bitmain! Be sure to have a listen.

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Top News

*China Media* INBLOCK partner Xiaolai Li was caught in recording saying that many big names in the Crypto space are “cheaters”, including Qtum Patrick Dai, NEO Da Hongfei, TRON’s Justin Sun and Ripple. He has said Lao Mao, his partner from INBLOCK, as originally a “nobody”, that CZ doesn’t have good integrity and that he doesn’t understand technology. Recording of this original convo in Chinese | A brief English coverage

Binance suspended trading after spotting ‘irregular’ transactions of Syscoins on its platform, where a single Syscoin cost 96 bitcoins. Issue purportedly patched.

Thailand’s regulations on digital token issuers will take effect on July 16. Amount of tokens offered is unlimited for institutions but limited to $9000 for retailers.

Bitmain’s AntPool has received a sufficient number of votes to become one of the 21 EOS block producers.

Coin and Exchange News

ImToken adds support for EOS to its multi-currency wallet, in addition to BTC and ETH. Founder discusses Korea and Chinese markets’ interest in EOS.

Binance Labs, NEO co-lead investment platform Republic’s $12mfinancing.

Business and Regulation News

Korea regulators are investigating potential infringements of data privacy rights related to interactions between the exchanges and third-party service providers.

Russian blockchain company Blackmoon is selling a token pegged to Xiaomi’s share price in an Initial Coin Offering, which has not been authorized by the Chinese smartphone maker.

Singapore-based startup Cryptology is among the few that combines crypto and fiat transactions on mobile, with support for Visa and MasterCard for fiat.

A history of Hong Kong’s involvement in blockchain and its hopes to become an international blockchain hub.

Check our past 4 weekly pieces on Cryptokitties, Binance, Bitmain, and China’s Crypto winners

Conference day on Friday will be overwhelming, so we won’t be sending out our usual email that day and will combine anything relevant from Friday in the weekend piece.

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