Today’s Crypto News on Asia, July 9th

RMB dropped to 1% of total trading; Ripple’s strategy for entering the Japanese market; Bitmain finishes raising


Top News

Bitcoin trading in Renminbi (RMB) has dropped to less than 1% of the global total, the central bank of China announced. http://bit.ly/2ueWw1V

Ripple’s “very specific strategic reason” for entering the Japanese market and tapping the forex market. http://bit.ly/2u2mBSo

Bitmain said to have completed Series B round from Sequoia Capital, EDBI and Coatue. http://bit.ly/2u5vRoV

Coin and Exchange News

Binance is donating $1 million to the victims in West Japan that were affected by the heavy rains over the weekend. http://bit.ly/2uaXYDl

Huobi US opens for New User Registration: Interview With HBUS CEO Frank Fu. http://bit.ly/2u3pAdd

Business and Regulation News

ICBC, one of the world’s largest banks by total assets, is seeking a blockchain patent for the exchange of financial assets. The platform will have participating institutions function as nodes to form a distributed network. http://bit.ly/2uholGS

Korea central bank said the outstanding balance of virtual currency accounts in domestic banks totaled $1.79 bn as of Dec. 2017, equivalent to around 8% of total deposits operated,suggesting that crypto markets do not pose a threat to traditional local financial markets. http://bit.ly/2uhdQU1

Tomorrow, an independent film “No Postage Necessary” about a computer hacker who fell in love with a grieving widow will be available on the Qtum blockchain, allowing users of Vevue to pay in crypto to watch the film across desktop and mobile devices. http://bit.ly/2zj7zN8

The Blockchainer, a global marketing solution for blockchain projects at different stages with clients including NEO, VEN, BTM, ACT, ELA, KCASH, got funded by J One Capital, JRR Crypto, Ontology Global Capital OGC, Timestamp Capital. http://bit.ly/2uhUVZ8

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