Today’s Crypto News on Asia — July 13th

Companies operating in Korea to be tax-free; OKCoin launches in US; Binance invests in Malta bank; Sichuan flood little impact on mining

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.
In case you missed our email yesterday, we just shared our guests for the upcoming podcast. Send us your questions to them or topics you’d like us to discuss!

This week, our two guests will be Hope Liu, CEO, and co-founder, of EximChain and Ryan Fang, co-founder and COO of Ankr. Both of these teams are based in the states, and EximChain has ICO-ed while Ankr is in the process of launching. Both Ryan and Hope grew up in China and have unique perspectives on the Chinese and Asian markets.

In the episode, we will be covering topics around how to find customers in Asia and hiring talent in Asia. We will also ask for their thoughts on the Chinese government view of Crypto, as well as their thoughts on China’s large tech companies’ role in the Crypto space.

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Top News

*China Media* Korea regulators have dubbed blockchain-related technology as the “Fourth Industry”, and just declared that “fourth industry” companies operating in Korea will be tax-free, regardless of which country the company originates from. Google translated article

China-based cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin to launch a branch in the U.S. to offer fiat-to-crypto trading services between USD and bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum andethereum classic.

Binance has taken a 5% stake alongside other investors at €133 million (US$155 million) pre-money valuation in Malta-based Founders Bank.

“Last month’s heavy rain in Sichuan Province had little impact on the bitcoin mining farms there, and only a few devices were destroyed by the massive flood”.

City of Beijing’s Business Committee and e-commerce company to cooperate on using the blockchain for traceability management.

Business and Regulation News

THEKEY publishes the summary of AMA with CEO Catherine Li.

NEO token holders are getting rewarded with ONT tokens via a free airdrop.

Nuls, ranked #82 in, is an adaptable blockchain for enterprise solutions invested by Bitmain. Company has just launched its mainnet.

Coin and Exchange News

India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the current ruling political party, is receiving accusations of involvement in a Bitcoin scam estimated to be worth $763M.

Liu Cixin, author of The Three-body Problem, will join IDG Capital as Chief Thinker.

LeTV launches One-chain Box along with tokens, where users can share the idle bandwidth to the community through the Box hardware and then are rewarded with One chain Token as an incentive.

Highlights from the China Internet Conference: The Future of Blockchain.

What did you guys think of our Global Coin podcast thus far with co-founder and Fortune Cat,Benny Giang, from Cryptokitties? And be sure to check out our latest collaboration with TechBuzz China on their 12th podcast episode Bitmain, with commentary directly from Jimmy Song andTim Swanson.

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