Today’s Crypto News in Asia- July 17

How to pitch to Chinese Investors; INBLOCK partner 200x on EOS; Korea to launch file storage on blockchain; first bank-backed Crypto exchange in Japan

Top News

*China Media* Li Xiaolai, partner of INBLOCK: “I’ve invested in the EOS team since 2013. EOS was our fourth investment. We spent $1.5 million for 5% of the stock at a valuation of $30mn USD. Now it is worth $6bn USD, a 200x. […] This one project alone will probably make me the world’s best angel investor in 2017, because it’s growing so fast”. Google translated interview

Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and the Korea Housing Finance Corporation (HF) tointroduce a blockchain system to manage electronic documents for mortgages and loans. http://bit.ly/2zMHJBj

World’s first bank-owned cryptocurrency exchange under SBI Holdings has launched in Japan and only open to retail investors and residents of Japan. http://bit.ly/2zKE72K

Coin and Exchange News

EOS developer Block.one has secured strategic investments from Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu of Bitmain. https://bloom.bg/2zLtHA9

Business and Regulation News

“[Blockchain] can make up for the deficienc[ies] of traditional credit system, prevent information tampering and forgery, and save [costs across] society. [This applies to] finance, e-commerce, smart medical care, social security, Internet of Things, energy” Deputy director of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). http://bit.ly/2zLte0R

This startup is the perfect example of Korea’s vibrant crypto market. http://bit.ly/2LpR83d

The number of Chinese companies registered with the word “blockchain” in their names surged from January to July 16, 2018, surpassing last year’s number by nearly sixfold. http://bit.ly/2LlSAUh

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