Top Crypto News in Asia from July 22- July 25th

Top News from Last 3 days

“Thailand’s SEC is [now] open for application approval for operating a digital asset business”. http://bit.ly/2uO7cp1

My beloved hometown in China, Nanjing, launches a US $1.5bn fund to foster blockchain projects. http://bit.ly/2LMwSsW
This is one additional Chinese local government sandboxes projects that we have added into our resources page. For more context on Chinese local sandboxes, check out our recent podcast episode with 2 founders.

*China Media* Bitmain receives another $1bn injection prior to IPO from GIC and Tencent, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Canadian Pension Fund, bringing valuation to $15 bn. Google translated article

Xiong’An New Area, the pet project of Chinese President Xi Jinping, taps ConsenSys for Blockchain push. http://bit.ly/2LMadgh

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association has suggested domestic trading platforms enforce a restriction that investors can only borrow up to four times their deposit when margin trading. http://bit.ly/2LDQTF0

Indian Law Commission recognizes cryptocurrency as an ‘Electronic Payment’; explores Cryptocurrencies in sports betting. http://bit.ly/2LxtSDR

Coin and Token News

PundiXLabs is supporting BNB in their POS, as tweeted by CEO ofBinance. http://bit.ly/2A98kZt

TRON CEO Justin Sun’s letter to the community on the BitTorrent acquisition- acquires BitTorrent for USD$140mn. http://bit.ly/2NHGHsq

ICON takeaways on Korea Blockchain Week 2018. http://bit.ly/2uLQXJ4

Exchange News

Huobi’s CSO Cai Kailong to resign in August after 7months on the job. His annual salary was once rumored to reach 120 bitcoins. http://bit.ly/2uODdxz

Crypto Exchange giant Binance to launch operations in South Korea, establishing 3–5 local companies before end of year. http://bit.ly/2NKr4AO

Indian Crypto Exchange Unocoin suspends fiat deposits, withdrawals in wake of RBI ban. http://bit.ly/2NHefa8

Business News

There was a rumor that Samsung has integrated bitcoin, ether, and NEM into its stores in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia as an alternative to fiat money. http://bit.ly/2uQRoC0

INBLOCK partner Li Xiaolai: Token-Free Blockchain could be the answer to China’s Vaccine Crisis. http://bit.ly/2LAJgiQ

Korean Mobile Telecom giant launches 2,500 txns/s commercial blockchain. http://bit.ly/2NFlPlG

Singapore Airlines has launched a digital blockchain wallet that lets members of KrisFlyer toconvert their air miles into digital currency with KPMG and Microsoft. http://bit.ly/2LQ1TfC

Hong Kong bike-sharing start-up sells 60% stake for crypto coins to South Korean blockchain company JNU. http://bit.ly/2LznSKK

U.S. crypto real estate startup says roughly one-third of their prospective users hail from Asia. http://bit.ly/2NIDyJ0

An asset manager focusing on Asian private family offices is preparing to launch in Hong Kong a crypto-custody service Fusang Vault. http://bit.ly/2LL2UFo

Three of the largest telecom operators in China are creating a joint research group aimed at finding new use-cases for blockchain technology. http://bit.ly/2NFfGWK

300mn user data from China’s delivery giant sold for 2 bitcoins. http://bit.ly/2NDACNW

🇨🇳 Regulation News

Chinese internet users employ blockchain to share a censored news article on vaccine scandal. http://bit.ly/2NJeQbA

Xinjiang in China is forced to shut-down illegal bitcoin mining operations in the region before August 2018. http://bit.ly/2LNz5Eu

Shanghai Stock Exchange goes against the company using blockchain to boost its stock price. http://bit.ly/2NH77KX

Shandong province in China recently busted a cryptojacking campaign that gained illegal access to 389 million computers and earned the criminals more than $2.25mn in 2 years. http://bit.ly/2LGF3tI

Japan’s strict tax laws on cryptocurrencies may likely loosen and regulators are looking to address tax treatments more similar to stocks. http://bit.ly/2uO4i3F

*Korea Media* South Korea is constructing of “blockchain special autonomous region” in Jeju Island, to be unveiled next month. Google Translated

Korea’s Crypto regulation shakeup: new bureau, agreement with China. http://bit.ly/2NFjGqe

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