EximChain CEO Hope Liu and Ankr Network COO Ryan Fang on China’s Local Government Blockchain Sandboxes, B2B Go-to- Market Strategies and Finding Talent in Asia

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Hope Liu, CEO, and co-founder, of EximChain and Ryan Fang, co-founder and COO of Ankr.Network are two Chinese-born co-founders with deep knowledge of regulations, fundraising and hiring in China.

We talk about:

  • How to effectively pitch to a Chinese investor vs. that of an American investor, because the differences are stark (7:40)
  • How to think carefully about your investor base and token distribution to help your business development plans in Asia (10:15)
  • How and what the Chinese regulators are thinking about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (14:30
  • Whether and how companies can apply to China local government’s blockchain sandboxes (27:00)
  • Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast – the case with Uber in China (41:15)Hiring in Asia and finding the best Crypto talent (43:00) 

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