Advisors Jake Smith and Mike Malley on West Coast and Asia Cryptocurrency Communities and Culture Differences, Growing Local Adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Japan Advisors Jake Smith and Mike Malley on West Coast and Asia Cryptocurrency Communities and Culture Differences, Growing Local Adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Japan

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“In the United States, especially in the Bay area, alot of these blockchain cryptocurrency startups are usually small teams, they are very pie in the sky I would say. They would say something like “we are going to put supply chain on the blockchain, don’t have a product yet but coming soon”. In Asia, the bitcoin and blockchain companies are much more product focused, much more pragmatic, you have all the mining companies and you have exchanges, some remittance startups, [generally] much more productized version of bitcoin. And I think the people on the west don’t understand the magnitude of these companies, I think Bitmain right now has more than 2000 employees , all of the various exchanges usually have hundreds of employees. So I don’t think people realize how big the space is, especially in Asia.”

– one of the many interesting insights between the difference between the East and West from Jake Smith, advisor to after spending years in the cryptocurrency community in Japan, China and the United States. Listen to the podcast here

In this episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Jake Smith and Mike Malley, both of whom are advisors to Both Jake and Mike grew up in the state but have spent a combined over 30 years in Asia, specifically China and Japan. Fun fact- Jake was the first person to make a retail transaction in Bitcoin in China in 2013.

Jake Smith (left in photo) is an advisor to He has spent extensive time in China and Japan, and previously worked with all the large figures in Asia Crypto, including Li Xiaolai from INBLOCK and Jihan Wu of Bitmain. Fun fact, he also spent a number of years living in the Crypto Castle in San Francisco.

Mike Malley (right in photo) is an advisor to He previously worked as a senior product manager at on the wallet and block explorer. Mike also has spent a number of years in China and worked in education, audio, film, and most notably product management for companies such as Perfect World and Xiaomi.

Both Jake and Mike currently live in Tokyo and produces a Youtube channel with Roger Ver on promoting Bitcoin Cash.

In our conversation, we cover topics including the differences between the United States, and Japanese and Chinese Cryptocurrency communities and culture, growing adoption locally in Japan and the international adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

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