Top Crypto News from Asia- Aug 1st- Aug 4th

Top Crypto News from Asia- Aug 1st- Aug 4th

CZ doesn’t want to compete with Coinbase; Philippine treat all tokens as securities; Bithumb volume plummets by 40%; Japan company loans with crypto

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

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Top News from Wednesday through Friday

Korean Exchange Bithumb’s trading volume has plummeted by 40 percent in three days after it temporarily stopped opening new user accounts.

The Philippine SEC approves draft rules for ICOs and cryptocurrencies, looking to define all tokens as securities by default.

CZ- “We don’t want to compete with Coinbase and Gemini. The strategy there requires lots of lawyers and lobbying.”

A Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is offering loans secured by three cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, and ETH.

‘Keep NEO as One!’ Investors protest proposal to make NEO Divisible.

Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service has advised local regulatory agencies and companies to work towards developing an integrated blockchain system for stock transactions.

Coin and Token News

BM presents a solution for lowering the capital costs of using network and CPU resources on EOSIO based blockchains.

Jihan Wu at BCH conference: “crypto exchange tokens, such as Huobi’’s HT, okEx’s OKB and Binance’s BNB, set good examples, as they deliver economic benefits to token holders while having some platform use”.

VeChain’s introduces drug and vaccine traceability solution post China’s Vaccine Scandal.

Exchange News

Huobi targets 30% market share in Korean crypto market next year.

Upbit holds 103% of cryptocurrency deposits in reserves.

Canada’s “Coinbase” Coinsquare has listed XRP for trading. has launched a professional-grade API for aggregated market data and added support for derivatives markets.

Business News

Japan’s SBI Holdings has invested $15 mn into artificial intelligence startup AntWorks of Singapore.

JD’s blockchain applet “Smart Life” allows users to see goods that have been tracked through its supply chain lifecycle on the blockchain and purchase them directly, such as hairy crabs.

A Chinese media mogul is building out a nearly $300 million crypto hub in CT, and it could include a college focused completely on fintech.

The trial version of Port Community System using blockchain technology will be up at four of the major Indian ports.

Regulation News

A crypto investor recently brought a lawsuit against the crypto exchange OKCoin over the BTC to BCH fork in Beijing Court.

In India, a fraudulent crypto investment company named ‘Ripple future’ has defrauded 300 mn Indian Rupees.

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