Binance’s DEX; Bitmain to mine Sia, Dash, $10bn rev in 2018; China accelerate blockchain adoption…

🌟 Top News from Wednesday through Friday

From yours truly- Bitmain on target for $10B revenue this year, looking to IPO in $40-$50bn valuation. https://tcrn.ch/2KIbdAN

Binance has unveiled the first demo of its much-anticipated decentralized trading platform. http://bit.ly/2MbcqFx

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China announced that it would include two new projects, Nuls and Tezos, into their Crypto ranking that previously highlighted EOS as their number 1 choice. https://yhoo.it/2Ml7M7R Additionally, MIIT is reportedly considering ways to accelerate blockchain adoption. http://bit.ly/2KJedfW

Bitmain released Antrouter R3-DASH & R3-SIA, new miners that is also dual-function WiFi Router and Crypto Miner that can mine dashcoin & siacoin. http://bit.ly/2Mc5s39

About 50 ICO projects have shown interest in applying for Thailand licence. http://bit.ly/2P4tv2y

India government is considering launching crypto tokens for financial transactions in the country, despite its hardline stance on cryptocurrencies. http://bit.ly/2OU3JxT

💰 Coin and Token News

Aelf CEO just had a Reddit AMA. http://bit.ly/2P1HAO8

Tron has indicated it sealed a strategic partnership withMoshroom, a China-based portable smart toilet supplier. http://bit.ly/2P0RoIb

Recap of AMA with Jake from Rate3, a company recently backed by FBG Capital and Kenetic. http://bit.ly/2MyJsMx

THEKEY kicksoff meeting with Chinese government on research into social insurance blockchain Applications. http://bit.ly/2OYq511

💸 Exchange News

Binance Official stance on listings & partnerships. http://bit.ly/2P1z2H8

Singapore-based AlphaBit Cryptocurrency Exchange will be opening up a new office in Malta. http://bit.ly/2KLRL65

💼 Business News

China’s first digital invoice on the blockchain has been issued in the southeastern city of Shenzhen. http://bit.ly/2Mz1gaA

Singaporean VC Golden Gate Ventures is launching Southeast Asia’s ‘first dedicated VC cryptocurrency fund’ with $10mn in invested capital. http://bit.ly/2KLTTdZ

Korea’s Second largest bank, Shinhan Bank, has formed an alliance with KT to jointly develop a blockchain technology-based service. http://bit.ly/2MkjnEb

🎌 Regulation News

Japan FSA has published the results of its on-site inspections of cryptocurrency exchange operators, looking to apply more rigorous oversight to exchanges. http://bit.ly/2P2RKOG

Beijing court has recently concluded a case that a bitcoin trader who was sent 5 bitcoins in error must repay it to the exchange in spite of the trader’s allegation that the exchange violated the crypto trading ban in China. http://bit.ly/2P0XsjW

Philippine Digital Currency Expert: The Philippines is one of the fastest growing digital currency communities. http://bit.ly/2MeyQFH

Thai police have detained 27-year old actor Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit in an alleged $24 million cryptocurrency scam. http://bit.ly/2KKRqjU


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