Crypto Rich Asians

ūüĆü Checkout our Cast for the¬†Movie

Crazy Rich Asians¬†is the newly released movie¬†that every. Asian. person.¬†is talking about. For those of you who may not be aware of it’s importance to the Asian (American) community, it’s the first Asian all-cast mainstream movie in the US since the Joy Luck Club. But, alas, the $$ theme was there, but the Crypto theme was missing. Why couldn’t these guys make the movie¬†even more relatable? ¬†¬†¬†¬†


If we¬†had a Crypto Rich Asians movie and the cast reflected¬†real world¬†Crypto Rich Asians, the story and plot would have been so juicy. Here are the people I’d like to see on screen. These guys¬†are in no specific¬†order,¬†because once you have over $1bn in net worth, does it really matter how much¬†more money¬†you have? I am sure many people in Crypto will disagree with me on this one. ¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į

  • Jihan Wu and¬†Micree¬†Zhang of Bitmain- with Bitmain supposedly looking to IPO in the¬†range of $40-$50bn, Jihan and¬†Micree¬†will make the most out of it. The company didn’t give away too much equity given that they didn’t raise a series A until¬†4 years after the company started.
  • Zhao Changpeng of¬†Binance- CZ has a co-founder named He Yi who is responsible for marketing and business, but he probably owns¬†majority¬†share of¬†Binance. Whether the market is up or down,¬†Binance¬†will always have¬†business, and CZ will always win.
  • Li Xiaolai of INBlock- with him admittingly earning¬†200x from his EOS investment,¬†¬†we think he is probably doing ok.¬†On EOS:¬†We¬†spent $1.5 million for 5% of the stock at a valuation of $30mn USD. Now it is worth $6bn USD, a 200x.¬†This one project alone will probably make me the world’s best angel investor in¬†2017,¬†because it’s growing so fast”
  • Da Fei Hong – Neo founder, been there since the early days of Crypto in China
  • Justin Sun – with Tron’s token market cap at $1.5bn and Justin Sun’s business savviness, we don’t think Tron will go away anytime soon
  • Litecoin- Charlie Lee. Now that he’s sold all his¬†litecoin, he¬†realizes that¬†¬†it wasn’t¬†the right decision
  • Bo Shen –¬†Fenbushi¬†Partner,¬†with Vitalik being an advisor to the fund
  • And many more….¬†I am probably missing too many.¬†There’ll have to be sequels.
  • who do YOU think should be on¬†the list?
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