Crypto Rich Asians

Crypto Rich Asians

Checkout our Cast for the Movie

Crazy Rich Asians is the newly released movie that every. Asian. person. is talking about. For those of you who may not be aware of it’s importance to the Asian (American) community, it’s the first Asian all-cast mainstream movie in the US since the Joy Luck Club. But, alas, the $$ theme was there, but the Crypto theme was missing. Why couldn’t these guys make the movie even more relatable?     


If we had a Crypto Rich Asians movie and the cast reflected real world Crypto Rich Asians, the story and plot would have been so juicy. Here are the people I’d like to see on screen. These guys are in no specific order, because once you have over $1bn in net worth, does it really matter how much more money you have? I am sure many people in Crypto will disagree with me on this one.

  • Jihan Wu and Micree Zhang of Bitmain- with Bitmain supposedly looking to IPO in the range of $40-$50bn, Jihan and Micree will make the most out of it. The company didn’t give away too much equity given that they didn’t raise a series A until 4 years after the company started.
  • Zhao Changpeng of Binance- CZ has a co-founder named He Yi who is responsible for marketing and business, but he probably owns majority share of Binance. Whether the market is up or down, Binance will always have business, and CZ will always win.
  • Li Xiaolai of INBlock- with him admittingly earning 200x from his EOS investment,  we think he is probably doing okOn EOS: We spent $1.5 million for 5% of the stock at a valuation of $30mn USD. Now it is worth $6bn USD, a 200x. This one project alone will probably make me the world’s best angel investor in 2017, because it’s growing so fast”
  • Da Fei Hong – Neo founder, been there since the early days of Crypto in China
  • Justin Sun – with Tron’s token market cap at $1.5bn and Justin Sun’s business savviness, we don’t think Tron will go away anytime soon
  • Litecoin- Charlie Lee. Now that he’s sold all his litecoin, he realizes that  it wasn’t the right decision
  • Bo Shen – Fenbushi Partner, with Vitalik being an advisor to the fund
  • And many more…. I am probably missing too many. There’ll have to be sequels.
  • who do YOU think should be on the list?

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