Hub CEO Eric Ly and Messari CEO Ryan Selkis on Recent Asia Trips, Developing Business Partnership and Investor Base in the East

๐ŸŽŠ As some folks already know, we are bringing you a special podcast episode today, with guests Eric Ly (left), co-founder of LinkedIn and now CEO of Hub Token, and Ryan Selkis (right), CEO, and co-founder of Check it out in the iTunes store! ๐ŸŽŠ

Both Eric and Ryan have spent a significant amount of time in the technology and blockchain space. They also both recognize the importance of doing business and forming relationships in Asia as they try to build out their companies in the blockchain space.

In this special episode podcast, Eric and Ryan talk about their recent Asia trips, as well as their learnings in China and Korea. They also highlight the value of forming business partnerships and an investor base in the East.

๐Ÿค”Timestamps and discussion points in the podcast

1:35- Introduction to Eric Ly and Ryan Selkis
2:45- Why Asia? Eric and Ryanโ€™s initial thoughts on the region
8:30 โ€” The highlight of their recent trips to China and Korea and their observations
11:17- Thoughts on Korea as a market
15:55- Aisa projects look more centralized from the getgo
22:07- Investor differences between West and East, and how to approach them
28:00- How to think globally as entrepreneurs in Crypto
30:05- How to get the most out of your trips in Asia

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