Top Asia Crypto News from Aug 29th- Sep 1st

Top Asia Crypto News from Aug 29th- Sep 1st launches PoS Ethereum mining; LINE’s new cryptocurrency; Baidu’s new blockchain; Korea Province to release cryptocurrencies

Top News in Asia from Wednesday to Friday

Baidu has injected US$7.3 million to set up a blockchain subsidiary Dulian Internet Technology in Hainan, China.

Japanese social messaging giant LINE has launched its own cryptocurrency and in-house blockchain.

Geyongbuk, a province on the eastern coast of South Korea, has announced efforts to replace its local currencies with a state-issued cryptocurrency.

Reserve Bank of India has published its annual report, and it specifically talks about “the need to explore a digital currency for the country.

Bitmain’s Mining Pool is launching a PoS Ethereum mining operation.

Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten, market capitalization of over $12.5 billion, has acquired domestic crypto exchange, Everybody’s Bitcoin, for $2.4 million.

Thailand is becoming a critical country for blockchain.

A leaked Bitmain Pre-IPO document shows a $299 million loss in BCH crash.


Huobi Group acquired 199 million shares of the Pantronics Holding Ltd at $0.35 per share, through its two subsidiaries — Huobi Universal and Huobi Capital. | Full filing in Chinese here

Lambda, a Singapore-based decentralized infrastructure startup that provides unlimited data storage on the blockchain and for the Internet of Things, received an investment from FBG Capital.

$650 million Private Equity Group ‘PIR Equities’ is investing $50m inblockchain.

Coin and Token News

People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), one of the largest insurer globally with $126 billion total assets, is opting to embrace blockchain technology with the help of DNV GL and VeChain.

CertiK AutoScan Engine has been released to enterprises and smart contract startups.

Interview with ICON CEO on ICON’s long-term goals and open culture, along with insights regarding startup spirit and regulations in Korea.

Exchange News

Huobi Group has teamed up with Singapore-based National Trading Union Congress Learning Hub to introduce a series of new courses on blockchain for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fintech professionals in the region.

Regulation News

Japan’s National Police Agency is to fund development of new software to help track individuals behind illicit crypto transactions.

A Korean lawmaker stresses need to designate cryptocurrency special zone for ICOs.

The growing digital trend is expected to increase remittance volume in the Philippines to $42 billion by 2023 using digital currencies, wearable technologies and biometrics.

The Securities Commission of Malaysia has is reviewing LaVida Coin, a newly launched cryptocurrency by a local celebrity, to determine whether there has been a breach of securities law.

Thai regulators are reviewing six applications for ICO portals, which are expected to be approved in the fourth quarter of this year. At least one company in Thailand is already issuing a token without obtaining approval.

The head of a government watchdog in Thailand has admitted that domestic cases of cryptocurrency crime are few and far between despite calling for increased preparedness to combat it in the future.

Business News, one of China’s largest e-commerce players, and Australia’s Monash University together signed a blockchain strategic cooperation agreement.

Recruitment firm Robert Walters has seen a 50 percent increase in the number of roles related to blockchain or cryptocurrencies in Asia since 2017.

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