Guest Interview: Eigen Capital Partner Maomao Hu on China’s Labor Arbitrage, Crypto Capital Markets in China US, and Bitcoin

Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research interviews Maomao Hu,  partner at Eigen Capital, a Chinese market maker, and also CTO of Eigen Capital’s sell-side business, Calculus Network, to discuss the evolution of Crypto capital markets in China and the US.

Maomao spent a significant amount of time in fintech and crypto in both China and Asia. He is experienced in building financial trading platforms.

In our conversation, we talk about China’s labor arbitrage, the development of crypto capital markets ecosystem in both China and the US, and how after years of being in crypto, Maomao now believes in Bitcoin more than ever.

Eigen Capital is a market maker that provides trade execution and market making services. The company is also building out a dark pool, and they are funding open source development for a decentralized dark pool.

Time and Topics discussed in Our Interview

1:18– Introduction to Maomao and Eigen Capital
4:52 – The state of market making in China and the US
11:00– How to hire in China
13:45– Differences between funds in the US and China, is there a difference?
17:00– China’s labor arbitrage
20:17– Chinese Crypto companies’ token incentive structure
26:44- Why Maomao believes that Bitcoin is a threat to the USD
32:01- Is Crypto financial technology?


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