Top Asia Crypto News from Sept 16-19

Top Asia Crypto News from Sept 16-19

Guest Reveal for Our Upcoming Podcast

In our next episode of the podcast to be released this Saturday, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Taiwan Congressman Jason Hsu. Jason has been given the nickname “Crypto Congressman” by Vitalik Buterin.

Jason has worked as a tech entrepreneur before getting involved with politics. In 2016, he became an official legislator and member of parliament in Taiwan, focusing much of his attention on bridging the gap between public policy and technology. He has since introduced several initiatives around autonomous vehicles, cyber security legislation, digital economy laws, and is now focusing his attention on crypto and blockchain legislations.

In our conversation, we discuss the state of Crypto regulations in Taiwan, how Taiwan regulators are thinking about blockchain and how Jason sees Cryptocurrency and blockchain space to evolve in Asia. Stay tuned!

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Top News in Asia from Monday to Wednesday

“Singapore BLockchain Week; Very few ICOs raising capital-even less investors. Everyone is in listening/learning mode, very few deals going on. Nothing like it was a few months ago in Korea. Many of the old funds have dried up and become advisors only. You can feel the bear market”. Cryptomanran twitter 

The Japan Financial Services Authority discussed the status of encryption regulations, with only 3 of the 16 applicant companies were satisfied standards for review. Those are Coincheck,Lastroots, and Everybody’s Bitcoin.

*China Media* China’s central bank has issued a new public notice, warning citizens of the dangers of cryptocurrency and ICO investing.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore believes that no tokens it has seen need to be regulatedunder its securities laws.

Korea exchange Upbit to open crypto exchange in Singapore in Oct.

*China Media* Mining pool Ant Pool will sponsor the NBA Houston Rockets with BCH. Google Translation

Deals and Funds

The founders of a $1.45 billion investment firm and a dedicated blockchain fund are teaming up to launch a new cryptocurrency whose value would be pegged to the yen. Additionally, the financing round will be denominated in tether.

Caspian, a startup developing an institutional-grade cryptocurrency trading platform, has raised US$16 million in a pre-sale of its CSP token with Galaxy Investment Partners, Global Advisors, Octagon Strategy, Kenetic, Techemy Capital.

Taiwanese crypto wallet startup CoolBitX raises $13m from SBI Holdings, Midana Capital, OwlTing, Kyber Capital and Bitmain.

Singapore government-owned firm, SGInnovate, has invested in three deep tech startups andhas launched the city-state’s first certified blockchain developer programme.

500 Startups, Binance Labs back $40m round of blockchain game developer Cocos-BCX.

Coin and Token News

Hackers create 1B fake EOS to rob ‘decentralized’ cryptocurrency exchange.

Multicoin Capital launches EOS blockproducer Aurora.

Exchange News

Two of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea are requiring accounts to provide real names before allowing withdrawals in Korean won.

A growing number of crypto exchanges in India have announced the return of fiat deposit and withdrawal support despite the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank.

Japan’s financial regulator has reportedly introduced new screening requirements for crypto exchanges seeking approval to operate in the country. Additional criteria are the assessment of the companies’ decision-making process and their links to antisocial groups.

Regulation News

A fraudulent website has been soliciting investments in Bitcoins using fabricated commentsattributed to Monetary Authority of Singapore Chairman and Deputy Prime Minister.

Hackers stole the processing power of several Indian governmentwebsites to mine cryptocurrencies.

South China’s Guangdong province, the largest provincial economy, now is the a hotbed for blockchain technology in the country with 11,022 blockchain firms.

Police in Shanghai have arrested the suspects who posted the sale message on a dark web forum in an attempt to sell data of 130 million hotel guests for 8 bitcoins.

Business News

Jupiter Chain and Deloitte have joined forces to develop a blockchain-based data exchange in Southeast Asia that will allow users to monetize their personal data.

SEADEX received approval for a business license from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand and will be the first exchange in Thailand to offer fiat to crypto trading.

Korea Lotte Data Communication applies blockchain to fresh food distribution.

Don’t Forget 

For New York City-based Crypto folks, our Blockchains for Schools Mentorship Program have officially started accepting applications for mentors for the school year. 

Our first mentor and mentee event will take place on September 29th, Saturday at the Airswap office. Courtesy of Airswap, our Platinum Sponsor.

The mentees are 40 high school students from all over New York City, and each of them has gone through a rigorous interview process to make sure that they have a basic understanding of blockchain.

The program meetup will take place once a month, on a weekend, for 1.5 hours in the city. You will be matched with a mentee once you fill out this application here, it literally takes 1 minute.

We want to build something long-lasting. Help us, and help you, to build a supportive crypto community here. We look forward to seeing you at the meetup.

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