Crypto Congressman Jason Hsu on Blockchain Goals for Taiwan and Thoughts on Crypto Regulations

Crypto Congressman Jason Hsu on Blockchain Goals for Taiwan and Thoughts on Crypto Regulations

?Our new podcast with Crypto Congressman Jason Hsu is out!


In this new episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Taiwan Congressman Jason Hsu. Jason has been given the nickname “Crypto Congressman” by Vitalik Buterin.

Jason has worked as a tech entrepreneur before getting involved with politics. In 2016, he became an official legislator and member of parliament in Taiwan, focusing much of his attention on bridging the gap between public policy and technology. He has since introduced several initiatives around autonomous vehicles, cyber security legislation, digital economy laws, and is now focusing his attention on crypto and blockchain legislations.

In our conversation, we discuss several of Jason’s ambitious plans to make Taiwan blockchain- enabled. He also expresses his thoughts on the state of Crypto regulations in Taiwan, and shares his unique views on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space in the US and the rest of Asia.

You can check out more of his thoughts on the Forbes article here.

Time and Topics discussed in Our Interview

1:40- Introduction to Crypto Congressman Jason Hsu

2:35- History of technology innovation in Taiwan and state of crypto and blockchain there now

4:50- How is Taiwan different from the rest of Asia in terms of crypto regulations? And who do they look to for

7:19- How do the Taiwan locals treat crypto?

9:20- Would Wechat and Alipay take over blockchain payment in Asia?

10:25- Taiwan wants to push help blockchain to the rest of the world

10:55- How do you engage with blockchain companies in Taiwan and how should companies outside of Taiwan talk to you?

14:44- Taiwan seems more focused on the blockchain technology, what about the exchanges?

16:31- What has Vitalik been up to and what are his thoughts on Taiwan?

18:28- Recent legislation added by Jason and the team

21:33- What other projects do you talk to and is close to?

24:47- Who else in the regulatory body is assisting you in this blockchain endeavor?

25:30- Learn about Jason’s One Crypto World” (OCW) tokens and who the tokens have been given to




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