Top Crypto News in Asia Oct 1st- 3rd

Top Crypto News in Asia Oct 1st- 3rd

WSJCoin, made in Asia; Bitmain CEO’s 8 industry focuses; Korea exchanges taxed; Huobi collusion document in English

What Crypto insiders are reading.

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In this new episode to be released Saturday, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Jason Fang, Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, an Asia-based venture capital firm focused on blockchain and crypto investments. The mission of the fund to invest in entrepreneurs who can make positive changes in our world using blockchain technology. Their investments include Thunder, Urbit, Mithril, Alphaslot and more.

Jason was one of the earliest employees at Fenbushi Capital and started Sora Ventures when Mainland China banned ICOs in 2017. When I initially spoke to Jason, I’ve found him to be very thoughtful and his investing approach to be very unique amongst crypto investors that I’ve met. In our conversation, we talk about how Sora invests in crypto projects, Jason’s outlook for the crypto space, and his perspectives on crypto developments in the East and the West.

You can check out more of his thoughts on his medium articles here, in where he lays out Sora’s investment thesis and his outlook on Asia:

Sora Ventures’ Philosophy to Blockchain Investments
Understanding Chinese Crypto Investors

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Top News in Asia from Monday to Wednesday

Wu Jihan, founder of Bitmain: 8 major blockchain technology development focuses in the next decade.

WSJCoin: to understand cryptocurrencies, WSJ team ventured to Japan and HK to create their own coin.

South Korea cryptocurrency exchanges now will see their corporate and income taxes double and cannot benefit any more from a 75 percent cut in acquisition tax.

Recently, an internal excel document from Huobi is circulating in the Chinese community, documenting documents the collusion, mutual voting, and pay-offs that occur amongst the Chinese BP community.

After a series of exchange hacks, the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association is set to place a 10–20% cap on the number of cryptocurrencies managed.

Report shows that Singapore hosted 17 Initial Coin Offerings while the United States hosted 15 in the month of August.

Deals and Funds

Bitmain announced Monday it has acquired the startup behind an open-source bitcoin cash wallet called Telescope.

INBlockchain partner Li Xiaolai, announces publicly that he “will not invest in any projects, no matter it is a blockchain project or not.” Nevertheless, he stated that he is still optimistic about the blockchain in the long-term.

Saito, a new blockchain capable of processing terabytes of data every day, raises $2mn from INBlockchain, Neo Global Capital, Fengshui Capital, Fission Capital, BCH Angel Fund.

Queensland blockchain startup TravelbyBit just received $3.5 million investment from Binance.

Korea Investment Partners, the largest venture capital firm in South Korea, is investing in its first blockchain startup called Temco, a blockchain-based startup that aims to revolutionize supply chain management systems for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Opera announced through a press release that it has partnered with Ledger Capital, a China-based blockchain advisory and financial services firm to explore blockchain together.

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-headquartered and Australia-listed games studio, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in the company behind Asia’s first artificial intelligence accelerator

Singapore-based AI Grid Foundation has secured $20 million to promote the decentralized use of renewable energy, including from Fenbushi , OK Capital and LD Capital.

Coin and Token News

Sia coin announces hard fork to brick Bitmain ASICS. vows to use its EOS tokens to prevent voting cartels.

In a report titled The State of Stablecoins, digital assets tech firm Blockchain Luxembourg SA estimates that approximately 98% of the total daily trading volume of stablecoins is dominated by Tether.

NEM announces new partnerships; XEM to be available for payments in over 1000 Australian restaurants.

Exchange News

Japanese Exchange Bitflyer restructures, Zaif suspends new member registrations.

How China’s crackdown helped Binance become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Indian Exchange Bitbns is offering to help former Zebpay users a way to migrate their funds following the reported closure of the Indian crypto exchange last week.

Crypto startups move to Hong Kong skyscrapers while major banks check out.

Angelina Kwan, former managing director and head of regulatory compliance for Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing, is taking on the position of COO of BitMEX.

Regulation News

China’s oldest science and tech publication accepts BTC for subscriptions.

A prominent Japanese pro-blockchain politician has been appointed as Minister of Science, Technology, and IT as part of the fourth reshuffle Japanese Prime Minister Shinz? Abe’s cabinet.

Business News

Noble Bank International, the Puerto Rican financial services firm, has lost many of its customers, including Bitfinex and Tether, and is no longer profitable.

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