Top Asia Crypto News Roundup from Oct 9- Oct 13th

Top Asia Crypto News Roundup from Oct 9- Oct 13th

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia.

Top News in Asia from Wednesday through Saturday

Jehan Chu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kenetic on investing in blockchain projects, proper due diligence, and considerations for mainstream blockchain adoption.

China’s crypto mining pool viaBTC raised $30 million in 2.2 hours through ICO:

Japan’s Infinity Ventures targets maiden global crypto fund in 2019(there aren’t any large crypto funds in Japan), backed by partners such as Daiwa Securities, KDDI andLine.

Bitmain’s latest challenger MicroBT plans to file IPO in 2019:

Binance’s new charity head ran a factory where workers made less than 50 per month:

Deals and Funds

Pantera’s digital asset fund down 72% in 2018, Bitcoin ‘only’ down 50%:

Investment Bank CLSA launches Asia-focused, early-stage fintech fundAlphaLabs with investments including blockchain technology.

Coin and Token News

Singapore’s start-up GCOX has announced plans to launch Manny Pacquiao’s cryptocurrency:

Binance coin can now be used to buy real estate through the platform Propy:

Exchange News

Hacked Japanese crypto exchange Zaif releases financial support plan for customer assets:

Crypto exchange Bitfinex suspends fiat deposits, expects to resume ‘within a week’:

South Korean plastic surgeon acquires Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange for $353 mn:

Korean crypto exchange sued for price-pumping token schemes

Regulation News

Indian Prime Minister gives full backing for distributed ledger technology:

After strangling bitcoin, India may launch its own cryptocurrency

South Korea remains firm on ICO ban despite calls for legality:

Business News

In recent report by a large recruiting service provider in China, demand for blockchain talents in China increased by sixfold

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs now among China’s richest, despite bear market:

Singapore will help crypto firms set up local bank accounts:

In case you missed it

Our New Podcast with Jason Fang from Sora Ventures is Out!

In this new episode, Joyce Yang from Global Coin Research is joined by Jason Fang, Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, an Asia-based venture capital firm focused on blockchain and crypto investments. The mission of the fund to invest in entrepreneurs who can make positive changes in our world using blockchain technology. Their investments include Thunder, Urbit, Mithril, Alphaslot and more.

Additionally, the Sora Summit will be taken place in Macau on Nov 13–14th. Listen to Jason in the podcast at 28:41on why the Summit will be taken place in Macau and checkout the great line-up of speakers and attendees.

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Jason was one of the earliest employees at Fenbushi Capital and started Sora Ventures when Mainland China banned ICOs in 2017. When I initially spoke to Jason, I’ve found him to be very thoughtful and his investing approach to be very unique amongst crypto investors that I’ve met. In our conversation, we talk about how Sora invests in crypto projects, Jason’s outlook for the crypto space, and his perspectives on crypto developments in the East and the West.

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