Conference call with Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital On Binance Blockchain Week

Conference call with Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital On Binance Blockchain Week

Sitting out of Binance Blockchain Week?

Too busy in meetings to take it all in?

Joyce Yang and Kyle Samani will walk you through the big themes and what you need to know from the event, including what’s next in Binance, Singapore and the rest of the Asia crypto ecosystem. We will talk to Kyle Samani about his trip to Singapore and his takeaways from the Binance Blockchain Week, which is happening this week. 

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We last spoke with Kyle at World Digital Asset Summit in December and shared it in a podcast with our readers. Other recent, notable writings from Kyle include Questions from the Crypto Idea Maze  and What P2P Markets are Better Decentralized.

Date: Next Friday, January 25th, 2019

Time: 2pm PT – 2:45pm PT / 5:00pm ET – 5:45pm ET

Location: Conference Call

Host: Joyce Yang, Founder of GCR and Kyle Samani, Managing Partner at MultiCoin Capital

Format: Joyce and Kyle will kick it off by asking for Kyle’s takeaways and Insights from Binance Blockchain Week, and we’ll touch on Binance and other players in the Asia Crypto ecosystem. We’ll then open up for questions from the audience.

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