Exchanges in Asia: future outlook from Binance co-founder, Kucoin and Chainup CEOs

We have seen a fair share of 2019 predictions, which we solicited from our community and also shared our own. 

Nevertheless, it’s always interesting to see what some of the folks outside of the community is saying, especially if they are local to Asia. These figures we included here have re...


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Read alongside with the founder of Scalar CapitalPolychain CapitalA Capital, large cross-border venture capitalists, renown journalists from NY Times, TechCrunch, The Information, founders and management teams from the top US and Asia technology and blockchain companies including Tencent, Alibaba, Cryptokitties, ConsenSys and Coinbase.

We have been quoted and featured in Forbes, South China Morning Post, Hackernoon, TechCrunch, and The Information.



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