A Quick Guide on Japan’s Crypto Communities and Where to Find Them

A Quick Guide on Japan’s Crypto Communities and Where to Find Them

This quick guide is a sneakpeek into our “Asia Crypto Communities” Guidebook to be launched in Mid-April.

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Online Sites to Search for Local Events

  1. https://connpass.com/explore/
  2. https://neutrino.connpass.com/
  3. https://hashhub.connpass.com/
  4. https://cryptobowl.connpass.com/
  5. https://cryptoage.connpass.com/
  6. https://blockchain-tokyo.connpass.com/
  7. https://plasma-research.connpass.com/
  8. https://ginco.connpass.com/ (Ginco is a popular wallet company)
  9. https://peatix.com
  10. Meetup.com


Physical Co-working and Meeting Spaces for Crypto Communities

a).  Neutrino Global: Blockchain Coworking Space](https://www.neutrino.global/japan)

b). HashHub (https://www.hashhub.tokyo/en/about)

c). Binarystar (Japanese only) – ????????????????](http://binary-star.work/)

Crypto Community Neighborhoods

– Shibuya

– Ropoongi

– Hongo

Must Go Events Around the Year

1- Node Tokyo

The first tech-focused international blockchain conference in Japan

[NodeTokyo 2018](https://nodetokyo.jp/)

(around mid- November)

2- Hi-Con

[Hi-Con 2018 – Ethereum Developers Conference in Japan #hicon2018](https://conference.hi-ether.org/)

(around early November)

3- BlockChainJam

[BlockChainJam 2018 | The Day where you get to take a sneak peek into the future.](https://blockchainjam.org/en/)

(around mid- October)

4- Slush Tokyo

(https://tokyo.slush.org/) -general tech conference, has a focus on crypto

(around mid-February)

Thanks to Miss Bitcoin Mai, Yusuke Obinata (Obi), LayerX, for contributing these answers

Be sure to checkout our guide to the Cryptocurrency-related Regulators and Companies in Japan!

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