Global Coin Research New York Blockchain Week Events

Global Coin Research New York Blockchain Week Events

Coming to New York Blockchain Week in Mid-May? Global Coin Research has prepared some amazing events for our subscribers Monday through Wednesday?Space is limited, be sure to register in advance!

MONDAY, MAY 13TH: Crypto Happy Hour with The Information

Become an annual subscriber now and join our Open Bar Happy Hour on Monday, May 13th from 5pm to 7:30pm, in partnership with tech publication The Information. Come meet industry executives and mingle with the media team from The Information.

? ?A Huge Thanks to our Sponsors Nervos Network and Harmony

About Nervos Network: Nervos is building a layered infrastructure for the future crypto economy. The native token is designed to represent the right to occupy the state storage over time. Its utility primarily resembles estate as a preservation platform but also functions as money (to transfer value) and fuel (to pay for computation). The protocol constraints state storage growth through its monetary policy, and collects state rent through a “targeted inflation” scheme from state users. Checkout Nervos’s token-economic paper

Other writeups:
Crypto-economics Design for a Preservation Focused Layer 1 Blockchain
Smart contract platforms have to be store of value 

About Harmony: Harmony is a fast and secure blockchain with key innovations in state sharding (secure staking & re-sharding with decentralized randomness) and in peer-to-peer networking (optimal cross-shard routing, fast block propagation). Read more aboutHarmony’s Annual Letter and Harmony Whitepaper


1) MORNING- Cronuts & Blockchain: A Community Manager Brunch During Consensus

On Tues May 14th, Global Coin Research is proud to support a meet & greet for blockchain community managers during Consensus. Organized by Dystopia Labs, Starfish Mission, Global Coin Research, Blocultural, and KryptoSeoul. Food sponsored by Nervos. It’ll be an opportunity for blockchain projects in/around SF, NYC, and abroad to come together, share best practices, and chill over some cronuts (that’s right!), fruit, and mimosas. Checkout the full details and register here

2) EVENING- Building Private, Censorship-Resistant Tech: A Chat with Tor Co-founder Roger Dingledine

Global Coin Research and Dystopia Labs have partnered up with the Tor Project to host co-founder Roger Dingledine during Consensus Week.

On Tuesday, May 14th, Roger Dingledine, the Tor Project’s co-founder and one of the original developers of Tor, will talk about the history of their project and how they successfully built, implemented, and scaled their censorship-resistant tech across multiple markets IRL.

We here at Global Coin Research cares deeply about education in the space. The goal of this event is strictly educational. Blockchain founders who are interested in privacy will learn about the challenges and implications of moving from the labs into the wild.

Teams can purchase the tickets here for $25 only. We are running this event for free, and all tickets revenue will be donated to the Tor Project.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 15TH (FREE): An Evening Discussing with the Top Crypto Companies and Funds in collaboration with KryptoSeoul

Global Coin Research has partnered up with the team at KryptoSeoul for an amazing event featuring Cryptokitties co-founder Benny Giang, Metastable advisor Haseeb Qureshi, Harmony Stephen Tse, Polychain Capital Niraj Pant, Blocktower Capital Steve Lee and more.

KryptoSeoul is a major blockchain community building team based in Seoul, South Korea, and has been the main organizer for BUIDL, the largest blockchain developer conference in Korea. At the event, both the founder of Kryptoseoul, Erica Kang, and I will share our insights on what we are seeing in Asia, and we will hear it from western companies who are building adoption there.

The event is free but space is limited. Food and drinks will be provided. Make sure you RSVP early here

Friday through Sunday, May 18-19th: Join us at ETHNEWYORK

Global Coin Research founder Joyce Yang will be judging at EthGlobal Hackathon EthNewYork. Don’t get caught up in all the New York Blockchain Week mania, come hack with us and build something valuable for the community, you’ll meet the amazing founders and teams that are actually building in New York City.  ??

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