GCR Workshop #3: An Essential and Practical Guide to Chinese Community in 30 minutes

GCR Workshop #3: An Essential and Practical Guide to Chinese Community in 30 minutes

For our third session of our workshop, we are delighted to have Toya, head of Ecosystem Development for Nervos Network, arguably the largest, native blockchain projects from China in to give us a workshop on Ecosystem Development in China and International. Toya will discuss:

-The nuances of the developer community in China vs other countries

-The types of blockchain communities in China

-How can companies from the West build their own communities in China?

and more…

About Our Guest:

Toya is a former member of Ethereum Foundation and a founding partner of EthFans, a Chinese community active since late 2015. EthFans as a publication curated over 2000 translated and original articles and initiated meetups for many well-known projects. Toya later joined her former EF colleague Jan Xie at Nervos Network.

About Nervos:

Nervos Network is building a global trustware suite that aims to unlock the true potential of the decentralized economy. Project founding team include prominent Chinese crypto community members such as a former Ethereum core dev, a former Blockstream research, the Ex-CTO of the largest Ethereum mobile wallet, ImToken. 

Checkout Nervos’s token-economic paper:  https://github.com/nervosnetwork/rfcs/blob/master/rfcs/0015-ckb-cryptoeconomics/0015-ckb-cryptoeconomics.md

Two articles elaborating the idea:

Crypto-economics Design for a Preservation Focused Layer 1 Blockchain (https://medium.com/nervosnetwork/nervos-rfc-0015-crypto-economics-design-for-a-preservation-focused-layer-1-blockchain-e265da91f1f8)

Smart contract platforms have to be store of value (https://medium.com/nervosnetwork/smart-contract-platforms-have-to-be-store-of-value-323745fac0a5)

Details of the Workshop

Date: Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Time: 7am PT – 7:45am PT / 10am ET – 10:45pm ET

Location: Zoom Dial-in Link

Format: Toya will provide a workshop on the forming a ecosystem and community in China first, and then we’ll open it up for AMA for our subscribers.

How: Become a premium member now and get immediate access to our workshops series. You’ll also get access to all the Global Coin Research resources and analyses including access to future event discounts and the most important crypto information about Asia delivered to your inbox.

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