Rolling Updates on Facebook and Its Cryptocurrency Project Libra

Rolling Updates on Facebook and Its Cryptocurrency Project Libra

June 18, 2019

We shared some takeaways from the Global Coin Research x The Information call

June 18, 2019

Facebook just released the White Paper on its crypto project Libra; here are some coverage highlights:

The Information has released Eight Takeaways From Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency with really interesting insights.

We are offering our premium subscribers access to the The Information’s conference call on Libra at 1pm EST/ 10pm PST TODAY with The Information’s Facebook journalist and crypto journalist.

Become a premium member now and get immediate access to the conference call. You’ll also get access to all the Global Coin Research resources and analyses including access to future event discounts and the most important crypto information about Asia delivered to your inbox.

Alex and Jon broke major details of the initiative last week, which you read about here.

Binance Research has also released an indepth report on Libra

Nathaniel Popper from The New York Times who has been following the story for a long time, covered it extensively

Coindesk’s coverage 

The Block’s coverage here

June 13, 2019

We are Seeing the First Wave of Tech Conglomerates Coming into Crypto Globally

This space is getting increasingly more interesting. Facebook is looking to announce their blockchain initiative on June 18th, as will Korea’s messaging app Kakaotalk, which will be launching its layer-1 Klatyn blockchain on main-net on June 27th. Additionally, we are also starting to see Chinese tech conglomerates doing something they’ve never really done before- open sourcing their blockchain platforms. Read the full post here.

November 22, 2018

Interview with Lily Liu on China, Bitcoin and Facebook

In November 2018, we interviewed Lily Liu, former CFO of on her outlook on Asia and the cryptocurrency space overall. We discussed the distribution reach between Facebook, Bitcoin and China’s potential digital currency. Below is an excerpt, read the full post here:

On Bitcoin and Facebook

Lily Liu: “Now, the question for me is sometimes people think or are asking: what’s the next like Google or Facebook of Blockchain. I mean frankly, to me, it’s just Bitcoin. Like, we already have it, it is called Bitcoin.  

So the next sort of network effect killer, obviously can’t call it a company, in the system, it’s already here, it’s Bitcoin.”

Joyce Yang (founder of GCR): So my takeaway from this conversation is that, is who will win the Blockchain [distribution] war? Would it be a Bitcoin, Facebook or China?

Lily: “I think that people are going to engage in different types of Blockchain. I don’t think there’s just going to be one Blockchain. I think so many different blockchains for different purposes. I think that if you just look at it in terms of like pure numbers, a country chain, or a Facebook chain, is probably, might have more people on it, but there’s always going to be a need for something like Bitcoin or ZCash or a Grin eventually, private scalable and self-custody, self-sovereign coin. You know, I don’t think it’s for everyone because I don’t think self-custody is for everyone necessarily; obviously not, but I think that that’s just always going to be very important option for people to have, and it’s probably going to become more valuable over time.”

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