GCR Workshop #6:  On POS trends in Asia with Awa from Cryptium Labs

GCR Workshop #6:  On POS trends in Asia with Awa from Cryptium Labs

For this session of our workshop series, we are delighted to have Awa Sun Yin, founder of Cryptium Labs to talk about POS development in the East. Awa was formerly an ex researcher at Tendermint / Cosmos, and software engineer specialised in machine learning at Chainalysis.

Awa will cover

– some basic concepts behind Proof-of-Stake and will be comparing some of the latest Proof-of-Stake variants, mainly between LPoS (Tezos), BPoS (Cosmos and others), and NPoS (Polkadot).

– provide an overview of main PoS projects based in Asia.

-talk about the communities -> Although most of these protocols are initiatives born in the West, there is a substantial set of stakeholders located in the East, I’ll share some insights and lessons learned from first-hand experience in community development in China, Japan, and South Korea.

About Cryptium Labs

Cryptium Labs is a multi-network research and engineering team. We deploy cutting-edge research to improve the capability and efficiency of distributed protocols. We envision a future proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystem without the externalities or limitations of proof-of-work, where heterogeneous blockchains serving a wide variety of application use-cases coexist and interoperate seamlessly.

Details of the Workshop

Date: Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Time: 10am PT – 10:45pm PT / 1pm ET – 1:45pm ET

Location: Zoom Dial-in Link

Format: Awa will share her presentation, and then we’ll open it up for AMA for our subscribers.

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