GCR x Cheeze Wizards Global Hackathon

GCR x Cheeze Wizards Global Hackathon

One of the best parts of blockchain is the community. Global Coin Research is proud to support the Cheeze Wizards hackathon. Sign up here

Join a global hackathon to build products and businesses on top of Cheeze Wizards’ open ecosystem.

Cheeze Wizards, the new battle royale game from the makers of CryptoKitties, is shaping up to be the hottest summer party on the blockchain. Global Coin Research has teamed up with them to make a big bang in the world of the wizards with a global hackathon, hosted by Coinlist!

The Hackathon will take place from August 1st to September 1st and prizes are valued at over US$15,000 and include cash prizes, limited-edition Cheeze Wizards collectibles, advisory sessions with the Dapper Labs team, and a chance for projects to be reviewed by Dapper Labs investors including Union Square Ventures and Andreesen Horowitz.

Got an idea for a feature, tool, or future tournament? Want to create something fun for you and your wizardly friends to do if you get knocked out of the tournament? Hop on the existing code and open-source resources to do more with your Cheeze Wizards. 

This hackathon challenges developers to create useful tools and additional experiences on top of the core Cheeze Wizards game. Here are just a few reasons you should join:

  • Be first: Help shape a blockbuster blockchain experience which, like a fine cheese, will only improve with age.
  • Make cheddar: Any profits your project generates go straight back to you, plus there’s a prize pot of over $15,000 in value!
  • Show off: Flex your development skills for a panel of industry innovators and investors.
  • Learn: Receive mentorship from the Dapper Labs team and their panel of advisors.

In Cheeze Wizards, players summon Wizards, form parties, and compete in magical duels to win the global tournament and the “Big Cheeze” grand prize. After a weeklong pre-sale, the game transacted over 1,000 ETH, growing the Big Cheeze prize over 600 ETH—a number that grows larger with each new Wizard summoned.  

Sign up to build on the world of the wizards now! 


  • Fred Wilson – Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures – @fredwilson
  • Joseph Lubin – Founder, ConsenSys, Co-Founder, Ethererum – @ethereumJoseph
  • Linda Xie – Co-founder & Managing Director, Scalar Capital – @ljxie
  • Joyce Yang – Founder and CEO of Global Coin Research – @JoyceInNYC
  • Hsiao-Wei Wang – Researcher, Ethereum Foundation – @icebearhww
  • Arianna Simpson – Managing Director, ASP – @AriannaSimpson
  • Ali Yahya – Partner, a16z crypto – @ali01

Bounty Judges

  • 0x Bounty Judge: Will Warren – Co-founder and CEO of 0x – @willwarren89

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