Elaine Shi is Leaving ThunderCore

Elaine Shi is Leaving ThunderCore

On August 5th, in the Thunder English community Telegram group, the administrator confirmed that the team’s chief scientist and technology co-founder Dr. Elaine Shi will not continue to work with Thunder after the end of her two-year contract.

Below is a snapshot of the confirmation.

Elaine Shi has been core to the development of Thunder Token. The Thunder Protocol (based on the “Thunderella” protocol) was developed by Cornell Professors Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi based years of research. Chris Wang is the CEO of the Thunder company.

In the Telegram group, there has been alot of FUD and anxiety over whether Elaine will be building a competitor. The admin confirmed that Elaine was just taking a 2 year leave from Cornell. Here’s the response from the admin in the Telegram group Thunder team thus far, and thus far there has been no official announcement on Elaine’s departure->

“I’m working with Chris to publish an official announcement. We’ll have something out when we’re ready to publish it. In the meantime, please know: 

1- ThunderCore is not a scam. 

2- Yes, it sucks that Elaine is gone, but it’s not as bad as you think

3- True, on a scale of 1-10, our communication with the community is like a 3. Maybe 2. Okay, fine, a 1.

4- We’re committed to the decentralized vision of ThunderCore

5- We emphathize with all token holders regarding price.”

Additionally, in a separate Jinse (Chinese media) article, the Thunder team confirmed with the reporters that the Pala project will continue and will deliver on time despite Elaine’s planned departure.

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