GCR September Event Highlight: DeFi Summit London

GCR is proud to support and be media partners with DeFi Summit london coming up in September 10-11.

We are giving away complimentary tickets to our readers, claim them by emailing howdy@globalcoinresearch.com (While supplies last)

DeFi Summit London will be a 2-day event focused on ‘decentralized finance’ (DeFi) and related topics such as financial inclusion and the history of open finance. The event will run 5 tracks in parallel throughout the day: 1 in a large lecture theatre and 4 in breakout rooms for more interactive sessions. There are 350 spots available to attend and every attendee will be handpicked in order to maximize high-quality multidisciplinary interactions. Expect a mix of academics, crypto entrepreneurs, regulators, institutional service providers, financiers, fintech workers and economists. Apply today for your ticket https://defisumm.it

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