Interview with Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire on the rapid rise of USDC, China’s digital currency and regulatory headwinds in the US

In this new podcast, Joyce Yang and John Chen interview Jeremy Allaire from Circle. Jeremy is the co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Circle, a global crypto financial services company that provides individuals, institutions and entrepreneurs with a platform to invest in, store, trade and use digital assets, and raise capital through online securities offerings.

In the last few months, Circle has been actively pursuing new growth opportunities such as the recent expansion into Bermuda to service international customers, and also offering fiat-to-crypto trading, and introduced new asset pairs for Tether and USDC on its exchange Poloniex.

Conversation with Circle CEO:

In our conversation, we spoke to Jeremy about the rise of USDC, China’s digital currency, regulatory headwinds in the US and the future of the exchange space. 

Additionally, Global Coin Podcasts would like to welcome John Chen, head of US of Hashed, to join Joyce Yang, founder of Global Coin Research, as the cohost on the podcast. 

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