Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth on Supporting the Fiat to Crypto Ecosystem and Crypto’s Way to Mass Adoption

In this episode, Joyce and John are joined by Michael Dunworth. Michael is Cofounder and CEO of Wyre, one the leading crypto to fiat onramps globally. Founded in 2013, Wyre provides tools for blockchain developers, financial services and protocols to onboard users to crypto in under 10 lines of code. Their mission is to help developers focus on building great products, and less on the headaches around regulation and compliance.

In this conversation, Michael talks about the founding story of Wyre, whom he admires in the industry, his thoughts on why credit cards are not the key feature to open up mass adoption, and the team’s early experience setting up businesses in China.

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-Prior to Wyre, Michael Dunworth and his cofounder Yanni Giannaros came up with the idea for a superhero laundry delivery service when they read about a recent YC grad called Prim. https://pando.com/2013/10/11/superhero-laundry-founders-launch-startup-to-prove-a-point-then-shut-it-down-once-they-succeed/

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