Binance Makes First Strategic Investment in China along with Matrixport and Ceyuan

Binance Makes First Strategic Investment in China along with Matrixport and Ceyuan

Global Coin Research has learned that Chinese media site Mars Finance just completed its third round of financing since starting out last year. Investors in this latest round include Binance, Ceyuan Ventures and Matrixport, the new crypto asset management company under Jihan Wu and the former Bitmain team. This is also the first strategic investment made by Binance in China.

The post-investment valuation was reportedly 200 million US dollars.

Mars Finance is known for its media celebrity founder, Wang Feng, who has been a serial entrepreneur in China.

Mars Finance currently provides blockchain information, market analysis and crypto asset management services. It has a division that also conducts Cryptoasset investment and research called Consensus Lab. More specifically, the Consensus Lab is a blockchain investment research institute. It includes the Consensus Investment Fund, the Consensus Quantitative Fund, and the Consensus Industry Alliance Fund. These funds focus on technology-based platforms, infrastructure, and projects with international capabilities that are relevant to investing in blockchains. The fund currently invest in projects such as: FCoin, Blockcloud, Coinsuper, Celer Network, OpenFinance, Quarkchain, Bitforex, Bgogo, Ankr, Origo, Nervos, Ultrain, Newton and other more than 70 blockchain projects.

In 2018, Mars Finance completed an A round and a followup round in March and May, respectively. The investors included IDG Capital, Ceyuan Capital, Langang Interactive ( another one of Wang Feng’s company), Fancheng Capital, OK Capital, Huobi Ecosystem Fund, Mingshi Capital. Zihui Venture Capital, Detong Capital and Mengxin Technology.

Ceyuan Ventures is an investment fund held by Bo Feng, whom also happens to be the founding partner of Dragonfly Capital. Before founding Dragonfly, Bo has been an active investor in crypto and other investments through his fund Ceyuan Ventures. According to Crunchbase, Ceyuan has invested in Chinese crypto media companies such as Mars Finance in its previous round and Deepchain, along with projects such as Nervos Network.

The investment into Mar Finance is the first strategic investment made by Binance in China.  CZ, founder and CEO of Binance, said that information is playing an increasingly important role in the mining, flow and trading of crypto assets. Mars Finance has established a wide range of industrial influences in a very short period of time, and CZ is optimistic that they can further expand the boundaries of the blockchain industry. Binance co-founder and CMO He Yi also added that Mars Finance has established a very mature team in the blockchain media field, and she expects Wang Feng to lead the next breakthrough for Mars Finance.

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