Join The Premiere Blockchain University and Learn from Jihan Wu and Justin Sun

Join The Premiere Blockchain University and Learn from Jihan Wu and Justin Sun

Mars Finance, the Chinese media company recently invested by Binance and Matrixport, just released its blockchain university enrollment application and curriculum for the fall of 2019.

The course covers trending topics in the blockchain industry, global policy and trend analysis, details of blockchain technology, applications of blockchain application, investment approaches, digital economy and ecosystem operations.

This exclusive class is looking to accept 36 entrepreneurs and business leaders, and the tuition cost is 208k RMB or around 30k USD.

What is particularly fascinating to us is the list of lecturers arranged by the founder of Mars Finance, Wang Feng, which includes more than 20 blockchain celebrities such as Bitmain co-founder Wu Jihan, Tron founder Justin Sun, and Quantum chain co-founder Patrick Dai, Ontology Founder and other entrepreneurs covering investment institutions, exchanges, public chains, mining machines, and other fields.

Us here at Global Coin Research thought the curriculum and lecture selection was interesting to say the least, so we’ve translated the details of the post here.

About the Fall Program

Class information: 6 months of study, successively taught in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, New York, San Francisco, etc.

Enrollment target: 36 people, including 10 entrepreneurs and partners in the blockchain field; 10 investors in the blockchain sector; 10 non-blockchain industry elites; 6 special recruits.

Below is the full list:

The following is a list of the global blockchain course instructors and the curriculum’s brief descriptions about them:

Jihan Wu: Co-founder of Bitmain and cofounder of 8btc. The first translator of the bitcoin white paper in the Chinese version, graduated from Peking University with a double degree in economics and psychology.

Justin Sun: Founder of Tron, Chairman and CEO of Pei-wo App, and founder and CEO of Wave . He was selected as one of the 30 Forbes Asia Under 30 entrepreneurs in 2017. He acquired a master at the University of Pennsylvania and a student in the founding class of Alibaba’s Lakeside University.

Patrick Dai: Co-founder of Quantum Chain (QTUM), Ph.D. in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, worked in Alibaba. He was selected in the Forbes China and Forbes Asia 30 outstanding young people under the age of 30 in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Li Jun: Founder of Ontology, Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Communication Engineering, MBA, PMP, 17 years of IT and Fintech experience. Senior blockchain architecture and solution experts, rich technical management experience

Zhao Dong: DGroup, DFund, founder of Renrenbit. An early investor of BTC and Tether.

Wang Feng: Founder of Mars Finance and Consensus Lab, Chairman of Blueport Interactive Group (8267.HK) and Investing Partner, former Senior Vice President of Jinshan Software, Zhongguancun High-concentration Engineering Talent. Acquired an MBA at Beijing University.

Qiao Hongtao: BBshares Fund Strategy Consultant, former Morgan Stanley Private Bank Headquarters Executive Director, former Morgan Chase Quantitative Strategy and Global Head of Asset Allocation. Acquired a Master of Financial Mathematics at the University of Chicago.

Cao Huining: Professor of Finance at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Director of Finance, Founder and CEO of Usechain, founder of the first financial MBA in mainland China, member of the American Finance Association, and taught at the University of California at Berkeley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At the age of 13, he was admitted to the Junior College of the University of Science and Technology of China. At the age of 18, he studied for a Ph.D. at Yale University, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and Dr. Yale University.

Yuandao: Founder and Chairman of the Century Internet Data Center, Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, and a permanent director of the China Internet Association, graduated from Tsinghua University.

Zhang Jian: Founder of FCoin, FT public chain, initiator of FMex contract platform, FCoin launched on May 24, 2018, and launched the “transaction mining” model, which once became the world’s largest trading volume, FCoin It was the first exchange to be written by a community-issued white paper version 2.0. He used to be the CTO of the Huobi, and he is the author to the book “blockchain: defining a new pattern of future finance and economy”, and is one the most influential faction of the general economics.

Meng Yan: Vice President of CSDN, former senior manager of IBM Greater China and expert of Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance, was invited to be the judge of the 2017 China Blockchain Technology Innovation Application Competition.

Kong Huawei: Director of the Shanghai Branch of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and founding partner of the starting capital. He used to be the chief scientist of Zhangjiang Science Investment, VP of Shuguang Information Industry Group, etc., focusing on supercomputing and grid computing technology, as well as regional innovation ecological research. 

Cheng Jianbo: Chairman of Keyin Capital, who worked at SMIC, is Australia’s earliest investor in the blockchain field. He is an internationally renowned digital currency investor and scholar with a wealth of blockchain enterprise strategic planning and operational investment. Experience, graduated from Wuhan University.

Deng Chao: CEO of HashKeyCapital and head of Wanxiang Blockchain Investment Business. He has worked for Boss Fund, China Wanxiang Holdings, Tonglian Data, and has more than 10 years of asset management and Fintech experience. He is an early member of the Wanxiang blockchain.

Liang Jieyang: Founder and Co-Chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, currently serves as Honorary Chairman of the US-China Business Association, Founding Vice Chairman of Taiwan Future Society, and Founding Executive Director of the Southern California Yushan Science and Technology Association. He has served as Chairman of the RAND Corporation Asia Pacific Advisory Board and a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern California Asia Society. The OESCapital Group, which was founded by the company, has a total asset management scale of billions of dollars.

Lao Weixin: Lighting Capital Partner, concurrently serving as Adjunct Professor of the Department of Information Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Visiting Professor of the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Peking University, Chairman of the Qianhai International Blockchain Ecosphere Alliance, and Director of the Hong Kong Association for Industry, Education and Research Cooperation. He was a research director at the Asia Pacific Research Center of Harvard Business School and a director of two Hong Kong-listed technology companies. He has worked in the Bell Labor Insurance Office of the United States. He has also served in various government and social public positions in Hong Kong. He is a Ph.D. in Physics at Brown University.

Cai Kailong: Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Financial Technology, Renmin University of China, Chief Strategy Officer of the former Huobi Group, Founder of Dianshi Asset Management, Baidu Payment Overseas Consultant, Senior Advisor of Hang Seng Electronics Strategic Investment, lecturer of Taiwan Financial Research Institute, Taipei Financial Research Development Foundation consultants. He used to be vice president of P2P pterosaurs of Legend Holdings, vice president of strategic technology department of Deutsche Bank (USA), MXEnergy risk control manager of American energy company, and assistant professor of finance of the business school of the University of Houston. Has a master’s degree in CFA, FRM and economics and computer.

Wang Donglin: Founder of YottaChain, China’s top ten young scientists, China’s top ten outstanding software industry, China’s outstanding engineers, researching cryptography applications for more than 20 years, distributed storage for nearly 10 years, with more than 200 US, European, Japanese, Chinese patents. Graduated from the Department of Computer and Systems Science at Nankai University.

Mao Yifeng: Coin CEO, early author of EOS regulations, CFA (Certified Financial Analyst), has 15 years of experience in financial technology and traditional finance in China, the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong, China. He has worked for Deloitte, China Gold and the United States. Hedge Fund. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and holds a double degree in finance and computer science.

Zhang Wei: CEO of Haichuang Chain, Partner of Haichuanghui, Senior Expert of Blockchain Lab of Haier Industrial Intelligence Research Institute, Lecturer of SME Entrepreneurship Instructor of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, MBA External Tutor of China Ocean University, China Youth Entrepreneurship Tutor, Talent Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Expert lecturer of blockchain technology senior talent training class, expert of Guoxin Blockchain College and International Intelligent Blockchain Research Institute, building the first large enterprise blockchain base in Shandong Province.

Kevin Ding: Graduated from Stanford University’s Department of Computer Science, he has led more than 40 investment cases at Danhua Capital, including FCoin, Ontology, NEO, Telegram, HashGraph and other blockchain companies, Cohesity, Optimizely, Branch Metrics, HeadSpin, etc. Silicon Valley Unicorn’s equity investment. It is also an early personal investor in Flexport, IPFS/Protocol Labs, BraveSoftware (BAT).

Jared: BitGuildCEO, former co-founder and CEO of R2Games, was named one of the “2014 China 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur” by Forbes China and the only foreigner on the list.

Ji Fengjian: Lawyer of Beijing Yizhun Law Firm, Professor of Beijing Second Foreign Language University, former Judge of Beijing Yanqing Court, Legal Manager of Fox Financial Service Technology Group, Senior Legal Adviser of Firecoin Group.

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