Global Coin Research Upcoming Events in Japan and China

Global Coin Research Upcoming Events in Japan and China

It’s a crazy month going into October, with Devcon taking place in Osaka, Japan, next week, simultaneously with the MinerSummit in Chengdu, China. Global Coin Research is delighted to be a host and media partner for some of the side events taking place in various places. Make sure you don’t miss them and find out how you can register for them below!

October 8th- Global Coin Research x Decrypt Media Founder Happy Hour at DevCon

Global Coin Research is partnering up with Decrypt media to throw a Welcome to Devcon Founder Happy Hour in Osaka, Japan on October 8th. Supported by the team at Nervos Network, Solana, Tezos TQ, Blockstack and Coda. Check out how you can join here

October 9th- Crypto in Asia: Things You Should But Probably Didn’t Know About

It’s all about the community!

Curious about crypto space in the East Wanna learn more and communicate with the best blockchain projects around Asia?With speakers covering India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China, come and join us for a night full of discoveries and surprise – ?Crypto in Asia, Things You Should But Probably Didn’t Know About?

You will learn:

– local communities’ outlook toward digital currencies and blockchain

– most anticipated blockchain applications and use cases in different Asian countries

– blockchain developer community in different parts of Asia

– what are some trends they expect to see in blockchain’s future development

– how to build a thriving community in different asian countries

Register for the event here

October 11-15th- MinerSummit in Chengdu, China

Check out the full conference schedule here

Join Global Coin Research at MinerSummit in China in 2019 on October 11-15th. Go meet the miners in China and get a tour of the mining facility at the core of where all the hydropower supply and mining farms are situated. We have partnered up with Minersummit to provide complimentary tickets for our subscribers, while supplies last, which you can access by emailing us at  

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