Global Coin Research at SF BLOCKCHAIN WEEK

Global Coin Research at SF BLOCKCHAIN WEEK

It’s a crazy month going into November, with SF Blockchain Week taking place next week. Global Coin Research is delighted present you with our upcoming events, with one taking place almost every day of the week.

The topics covered below are quite diverse and there is something for everyone. Make sure you don’t miss them and find out how you can register for them below!

Monday, October 28th- Early Days in Blockchain App Layer: Projects building on NEAR Discussing Adoption

The panel will feature Stardust, Flux, Boxscore, Outplay Games and EverBloom. In this panel, projects building on NEAR will share their learnings about their respective markets, what will it take to reach mass market, and what are the roadblocks to adoption. We will cover a wide area of perspectives across prediction markets, competitive games and gaming marketplaces, fantasy sports and DEXs.

Join us for networking, food and drinks!

Moderated by Aliaksandr “Sasha” Hudzilin, Head of BD, NEAR Protocol.

Flux with Peter Mitchell, CEO.

Boxscore with Jose C. Tolosa, Cofounder/CEO/CTO .

Stardust with Canaan Linder, Founder and CEO.

Outplay with Chase Freo, CEO.

EverBloom with Andrew Rollins, CEO.

Sign up here

Tuesday, October 29th- SF Blockchain Happy Hour with Nervos Network

The event will introduce and connect crypto founders, developers, community members and investors of East and West, and showcase Nervos with its upcoming upgrade from Rylai to Lina, its testnet and mainnet, respectively. And yes, they are named after the Dota characters Rylai and Lina 

Space is limited, save your spot here

Check out the photos from our past events here!

[SAME DAY ] Blockchain Gaming: 2019 lessons and what to expect in 2020

The 40 minute panel discussion (+20min Q&A) will feature Blockade Games known for Neon District, Horizon Games known for SkyWeaver, Forte Games, Outplay Games and OpenSea marketplace. We will talk about where each company is at, what were some of the lessons learned in 2019, and what we’ll see in 2020 with many launches happening very soon.

Featured guests:

Forte Games with Brett Seyler, Chief Platform Officer & Cofounder.

Outplay with Chase Freo, CEO.

Neon District with Marguerite deCourcelle, AKA “@coin_artist”, CEO at Blockade Games

OpenSea with Devin Finzer, CEO and Co-founder.

Horizon Games with Peter Kieltyka, CEO.

Stardust, with Canaan Linder, Founder & CEO.

Register for the event here

Wednesday, October 30th- Macro.WTF

Macro.WTF | Putting Crypto in the Broader Macro Context

Cryptocurrencies don’t exist in isolation, but rather in the larger world of macroeconomic trends, geopolitical forces, and sociological reality. In this event, we’ll examine where crypto lies in the history of monetary theory, what we can learn from macro studies, and how will we influence the macro world.

About WTF | The Power of Asking

A modern resurrection of the Greek Pnyx (/n?ks/): a supportive space for open, inclusive, informed, and thoughtful exchanges of ideas, for the practice of the ancient art of asking the right questions to move beyond hype and arrive at knowledge.

The event is free. Signup for the event here

SF BLOCKCHAIN WEEK global coin research

Thursday, October 31st- App Chains vs. dApps on shards: Cosmos and NEAR discuss two approaches

Currently, there are two main approaches to building decentralized applications. Either the application is built as a dApp on the smart contract layer of an existing chain, or it is built as a separate application blockchain (app chain). The decision may depend on the level of autonomy needed by the application to implement custom technology, token economics and an independent governance model.

This event will feature proponents on both approaches discussing the pros and cons of each approach, with 20 minute audience discussion.


NEAR Protocol with Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder.

Cosmos with Zaki Manian,Head of Research @tendermint_team. Working towards secure Proof of Stake with @cosmos.

Register for the event here

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