Planning for 2020? Here are the Top Events in Asia to Put on Your Calendar

Planning for 2020? Here are the Top Events in Asia to Put on Your Calendar

There are many crypto conferences in various parts of Asia, arguably with noticeably more activity than the Western hemisphere. Here we are highlighting some of the largest and best ones that will expose you well to the ecosystem there.

1) Token2049:

Timing and Location: 16 – 22 March 2020, Hong Kong


  • A very finance and trading oriented conference, with lots of traders and exchanges from all around Singapore, Hong Kong and China

2) Deconomy

Timing and Location: Early April in Seoul, Korea

Link: (not updated for 2020 yet)

A global conference with executives, investors from the US, Korea, Japan and the rest of Asia.

2) ABA Summit

Timing and Location: Mid July in Taipei, Taiwan

Link: (not updated for 2020 yet)

  • Lots of executives from exchanges and projects come to this conference

3) Shanghai Blockchain Week

Timing and Location: Mid- October in Shanghai

Link: (not updated for 2020 yet)

  • Less exchanges, but generally capture all the quality mainland projects from China and the exchanges such Huobi and OKEx

4) Blockshow Asia

Location and Timing: mid-November in Singapore


  • With many local exchanges and traders, projects
  • This conference fell together with the Coin Market Cap conference in one week this year and it was a party

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