Global Coin Research’s Top 10 Stories of 2019

Global Coin Research’s Top 10 Stories of 2019

Presenting you the Top 10 Stories of 2019- In 2019, the Global Coin Research team is proud of what we’ve accomplished and created for our readers. We broke exclusive news about the largest exchanges, highlighted the most important news in Asia and told you why the developments mattered. We profiled under-the-radar executives, founders and companies rarely written about. We probed crypto trends in the various Asin countries and dug up exclusive data to help illustrate them. 

Global Coin Research top stories of the year include profiles of major crypto executive figures such as Justin Sun and Huobi CEO Leon Li, a look at China’s efforts on its digital currency initiative, and a revealing examination into how investors, retail and institutional, think about the global protocol projects.

We are also delighted to announce that the Global Coin Research contributor network has now exceeded over 50 individuals and publications. What was just a few months ago incubated as an idea has now found a life of its own, and we are so proud and excited to continue to foster and support this growing ecosystem of folks who want to share their thoughts and observations in Asia.

In the next year, we believe that Asia will continue to exert its dominance for mining pools and mining machine producers. Additionally, there will be an increasing divide in terms of development in crypto and blockchain between East and West as we’ll see more enterprises and corporates entering the blockchain/ crypto business in the East. We believe that the Global Coin community will continue to bring value-add to the overall ecosystem.

Below are some of our most popular articles to date. For 2020, expect more articles, news comics and more features exclusive to Global Coin Research. To a very prosperous 2020 to all our subscribers. Thank you for being among the first.

10. 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About China’s Digital Currency

9. The Rising Trend of Exchanges Participating as EOS BPs; EOS Becoming Even More Centralized

8. Leon Li, CEO of Huobi, and the History of Huobi (Part 1)

7. Crypto Mining 101 – Overview & Landscape of the Mining Industry

6. GCR Community Predictions for 2020

5. What Algorand’s Token Price Crash Can Teach Projects

4. 3 Reasons Why You Should Hold BACK from Investing in Binance and BnB

3. BREAKING: Justin Sun and TRON to Acquire Steemit

2. China’s Internet Economy: 5 Great Books to Understanding, including Implications for the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

1.Justin Sun’s International Game of PR

In case you missed it. In 2019, we also released our first edition of the “The Small Handbook to Asia Cryptocurrency: On local ecosystems, trends & regulations” and identified the key important trends and currents in the Asian market, specifically China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore. The book was a hit with our readers, so don’t forget to pack it with you when you are planning your next trip to Asia!

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