“Asia, Crypto, and The Coronavirus” – Joyce Yang of Global Coin Research on Flippening

“Asia, Crypto, and The Coronavirus” – Joyce Yang of Global Coin Research on Flippening

GCR Founder and CEO Joyce Yang speaks to the Flippening Podcast host and Nomics CEO, Clay Collins, about Asia cryptocurrency and blockchain. Here we share the details of the podcast.

Welcome to this conversation with Joyce Yang, founder & CEO of Global Coin Research, a content and advisory platform focused on the Asian cryptocurrency space. Drawing on deep, first-hand knowledge, Joyce will highlight the most important crypto-related developments taking place in Asia to help us predict how the local market might rebound from Coronavirus. 

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Some interesting quotes from the interview:

“Founders want to get into Asia. They see how active these markets are versus what’s in the US, which isn’t going poorly… @coinbase is a billion-dollar company. There are just very few Coinbases.”

“If I ask you to identify the global hub for #crypto, you may say Silicon Valley, but the concentration of companies is nowhere near the Bay Area. The most valuable crypto companies are in Asia.”

“I see India, Singapore, the trading market & the lending market being driving forces in Asia and pushing the industry along. Asia has one of the most robust hubs for #crypto & #blockchain.”

The conversation is split into 3 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Asian cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Chapter 2: Recent developments in the region
  • Chapter 3: Crypto’s future in Asia

Topics Discussed In This Episode

  • Common misconceptions about the Asian cryptocurrency market
  • Asia’s history of crypto scams & speculation
  • Asia’s importance as a geographical hub for blockchain companies
  • The state of DeFi in Asia
  • How Chinese Bitcoin miners spurred a dedicated crypto lending market
  • Singapore’s Payment Services Act
  • Why Asian crypto firms often switch jurisdictions
  • Why India is crypto’s “sleeping giant”
  • How tough new regs have pushed some crypto companies towards Asia
  • The explosive growth of Asian derivatives trading
  • How miners survived China’s crypto crackdown
  • Why everyone in cryptocurrency should learn Chinese

Read the full transcript here.

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