Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

The People’s Bank of China held a teleconference on April 3 in Beijing, China. One of the main points confirmed during the call involved the institution’s continued research and development of a central bank digital currency, or CBDC. https://bit.ly/2V9gAzV

On April 3, twelve major Chinese crypto mining companies came together with leading Chinese blockchain media companies to officially launch an information-sharing platform, called Pow Power. The companies included Canaan, AvalonMiner, Inter Hash, Huobi Pool, OkEx Pool, and others. https://bit.ly/2XdSvut    

Lending Market in China: Miners Are Not Giving Up So Easily Post “Black Friday”.  https://bit.ly/2ULciQk

“Asia, Crypto, and The Coronavirus” – Joyce Yang of Global Coin Research on Flippening. https://bit.ly/3aOGBeI

?  Exchange and Markets News

Report: March was a record-breaking month for crypto exchanges: Binance and FTX represented 22% of the derivatives market share while Binance traded $63.6 billion within the month. https://bit.ly/2RcmDTi

Japan update: Zaif exchange removing three crypto assets, Bitbank’s COO predicting crypto exchange mergers, and Nomura Research Institute issuing Japan’s first blockchain-based bond. https://bit.ly/2yEvW8e


A look at China’s most prolific crypto venture firm: The crypto VC firm  Neo Global Capital Ventures, of NEO fame, made a fortune in China during the ICO days. https://bit.ly/2XbNp1Q


Coronavirus & Bitcoin Price: Is China Losing Its BTC Mining Monopoly? https://bit.ly/2XfcAkm

Factom Facing Liquidation After Creditor Refuses Request for Funding; Japan Coincheck Had Just Started to use Factom For Trading on April 1 so Addressed the Issue:https://bit.ly/2V7kg5l

Crypto exchange Poloniex has rolled out a new token issuance platform called “LaunchBase.”The platform’s first supported project is Tron’s decentralized stablecoin system called “JUST.” https://bit.ly/2V7Fxfm

Deutsche Bank Strategist: the risk of cash spreading the coronavirus further will motivate authorities to consider digital alternatives. https://bit.ly/3bYrMpQ

? Business

Survey shows that People in India Believe Cryptocurrencies are a Path to Financial Freedom: https://bit.ly/2yH6dw1

A new blockchain course offered by the Australian National University (ANU)’s law school commenced this year with support from Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). https://bit.ly/2V7jtkT

BRI Remittance,  a subsidiary of one of Indonesia’s largest banks, Brings Digital Identity to Banking With Blockchain Partnership..  https://bit.ly/2V3NO3O

Hong Kong-based digital asset custodian Hex Trust announced the integration of R3’s Corda enterprise blockchain with its custody solution. https://bit.ly/3e5fgaj

Ping An’s FinTech Arm Teams Up To Launch Blockchain Solution; https://bit.ly/2Xd8b1a


The Bank of Korea announced that it has launched a pilot program for 22 months to assess the logistics of issuing a central bank digital currency —  or CBDC. https://bit.ly/2XeTpXW

CFTC Requests Default After Failing to Find $147M Bitcoin Ponzi Operator. https://bit.ly/2RfnlPw

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