Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

WeChat Payment sharply decreases as a proportion in OTC transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges.                                                                                                 
BitMEX cedes bitcoin futures market dominance as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx inch ahead: BitMEX’s BTC futures daily trading volume is now less than that of Binance, OKEx, or Huobi according to data from Skew.

Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining hardware maker Canaan lost $148.6M in 2019.

GCR Trend Update 2020: Crypto Trends in Japan.

2020 Q1 DApp Market Report by DAppReview.

?  Exchange and Markets News

Binance seems to be making its way back to China with all its recent moves. On March 31, Binance Academy, the exchange’s non-profit educational arm, announced it had established a blockchain research institute in Shanghai.

Bitfinex ventures into staking space, offering 10% annual return on three tokens at launch.


OK Group, the conglomerate behind OKEx, is investing approximately 10 million RMB ($1.4 million) into Yun Qu Technologies, a blockchain startup based in Wuhan. The company provides Chinese language crypto news website and is also developing a big data tool.

With a new institutional partner in Three Arrows Capital, BlockFi plans to open an office in Singapore to expand into Asian markets and beyond.


Jihan Wu on Bitcoin Cash Halving: the Key for Successful BCH Lies in Building a Booming Ecosystem.

2020 Market Crash shows Bitcoin will prevail over other Industries.

CasperLabs plans to launch its own PoS blockchain in collaboration with Singapore-based crypto exchange BitMax.

? Business

Sony and other major multinationals file 212 Blockchain Patents in China in 2020.

Blockchain scam raises money by pretending to be associated with the Olympics.

Taiwan Approves Blockchain System to Streamline Insurance Policies, this will provide insurance companies and insurance buyers with a new level of efficiency, and potentially cost-savings in the long-run, April 9, 2020.

CargoSmart, Tesla and Cosco to Pilot Blockchain Tech in Cargo Release Process: CargoSmart, the software wing of the Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line, aims to transform the cargo release process using its new blockchain application.


South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Commission, the nation’s financial watchdog, has deemed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be a “high-risk asset”.

Investigating Digital Assets in Japan Stymied by Nature of Crypto: According to top government officials in Japan, the current national tax system is not yet capable of accepting declarations of digital assets, potentially leading to outflows overseas.

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