Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

China’s pandemic relief stimulus plan-A $3.6 trillion stimulus package could be a perfect test of China’s upcoming digital yuan. https://bit.ly/3a8PX3I

CZ says Binance diverted a quarter of its profits into investment opportunities last year. https://bit.ly/3a1wYbr

Justin Sun “bribed” his way to the top of the Steem hierarchy with “money, power and users.” https://bit.ly/3ekxmF6

?  Exchange and Markets News

Bitfinex moves $1.1 billion in Bitcoin for less than a dollar. https://bit.ly/2V5xL71

BitMEX, others back Bitcoin’s case hedge against looming recession. https://bit.ly/34xMRoF


Chinese state-owned investment firm launches $2.8b fund, investments include blockchain. https://bit.ly/3a7ce1K 

Japanese Crypto Exchange DeCurret issued $25 Million in new shares,  promoting cryptocurrency to be used as a payment method for Japan’s massive public transportation system, and just restructured its capital. https://bit.ly/2K0ErwD


Tezos Southeast Asia has signed a deal to test Blockchain in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. https://bit.ly/3a64ayq

Block.one reveals plan to begin voting on the EOS blockchain in May. https://bit.ly/3b62lCX

Huobi Korea Delists XMR Amid Nth Room Sexual Exploitation Case Rumors: they stated that this was due to “low trading volumes and anonymity functions”. They did not, however, reference the recent Nth room case, in which South Korean media has speculated the exploitation ring used XMR to complete anonymous transactions. https://bit.ly/34xPCGx

Volume for Samourai Wallet’s non-custodial Bitcoin mixer, Whirlpool, tripled last month, with the service processing more than $10 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC). https://bit.ly/3cfoyyx


After March 12, Bitcoin’s hash rate saw its second biggest drop, the Bitcoin price has bounced back by 50% since its lowest point, the hash rate is back up 15%. https://bit.ly/2K4WaTy

The co-founders of Bitcoin mining pool Poolin have lost their legal battle against their former employer Bitmain, with the reported ruling result reading that the three should return all the paid compensation and pay fines totaling more than 1.2 million yuan (roughly $170,000). https://bit.ly/2K073Gp 

? Business

HTC’s crypto mining phone will take 500 years to recoup cost of device. https://bit.ly/3b7ze1V

Coronavirus Pandemic is reshaping Blockchain Companies’ Roadmaps?more than half of the 2020 crypto conferences were either canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while mining manufacturers had to stop equipment production in China. https://bit.ly/2V5Dh9G

According to the Asian Development Bank, the coronavirus pandemic could cost the global economy as much as $4.1 trillion —Governments will soon be looking to tap all possible income sources to balance their budgets, including crypto, say tax experts. https://bit.ly/2XyTjdI

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