Tuesday News Roundup

🌟 Top News from Friday to Today

Blockchain Services Network, an internet of interoperable blockchains that includes Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS, will connect 128 cities in China to seven countries. https://bit.ly/2W8mhiq

Smaller bitcoin miners likely won’t survive after the halving. https://bit.ly/35aGuIa

Previously Hacked dForce has returned over 90% of the hacked assets back to users. https://bit.ly/2SfVJKW

💸  Exchange and Markets News

Binance announced Monday the official launch of its mining pool service with initial focus on bitcoin. https://bit.ly/3aH4BQ3

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has launched a social networking platform called “Pulse” for its users. https://bit.ly/3aJjHEu

Exchanges Binance and Coinbase were the most active hirers in the crypto industry during the first quarter of 2020. https://bit.ly/2KAeQuX

Japanese exchange bitFlyer blockchain arm launches consulting service. https://bit.ly/3eX6Tha


Steem’s Hardfork Hive has taken over Steem marketcap. https://bit.ly/3f5mNGy 

Major donations are coming from the crypto industry to fight COVID-19- Binance, Stellar, Bitmex and Ripple. https://bit.ly/2Sa6u12

🧳 Business

National AI champion SenseTime enters a pact with China’s central bank amid digital currency trials, this collaboration aims to help strengthen ‘risk control and operational capabilities’ across financial institutions. https://bit.ly/2yIMwDT

The US is home to the most DeFi startups, followed by the UK and Singapore. https://bit.ly/2xgdEd6

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market still has a seemingly large and unrealized market outside of males aged 20 – 39 which currently dominate interest in it, according to an aspect of Coingecko’s Q1 report which touched on the topic. https://bit.ly/2y39fKU

China took the lead in blockchain-based patent applications in 2019 – China has managed to secure seven of the top ten spots—including the first, second, and third—in the global ranks for blockchain patent applicationshttps://bit.ly/2Y9IoY5

E-Commerce grows with world cooped up at home, distributed ledger technology is being leveraged by the coupon industry to provide transparency for the digital coupon market. https://bit.ly/2Y9CCpC


Blockchain to stop counterfeit drugs surge in HK. https://bit.ly/3bMv3Jm

How the Pandemic is pushing blockchain forward? https://bit.ly/3aJ8TGG

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