In Advance of the Halving, Here is what Your Token Narrative is in the Chinese Community- XTZ, DCR, ATOM, DASH, DOT, LINK, SKALE, XRP, CELO

In Advance of the Halving, Here is what Your Token Narrative is in the Chinese Community- XTZ, DCR, ATOM, DASH, DOT, LINK, SKALE, XRP, CELO

As the halving approaches, here are some of the tokens thats’ been pushed in the Chinese crypto community due to a distinctive narrative that has been attributed to them. GCR shares them one by one to make sure you have the whole global picture.

Recently, a popular Chinese crypto blog called “Real Satoshi” listed their top 25 most valuable coins in the cryptocurrency circle. And likely in advance of the Bitcoin halving and market participation of a rally, the article has been trending as the number one article on media platforms.

The author classified each token under a specific narrative (smart contract, store of value, etc) and then lists some of the leading alternatives. She claims that she determined the top 25 most valuable token from their brand value, technical capabilities and scale effects.

This article serves as a valuable reference to how the Chinese crypto community perceives the tokens, but we wholeheartedly recognize that this list is not comprehensive and is merely directional. The author herself even has indicated that there will be disagreements and questions that arise from this list.

Often projects ask Global Coin Research about their brand, and how well known they are in China, therefore, we thought releasing this list verbatim can give a glimpse of what each tokens’  narrative has been in China.

Token Narratives

1. Smart Contract Platform

Also known for: trillion public chain, future infrastructure

Leading currency: Ethereum ETH

Market value: $ 21.7 billion

Alternate currencies: XTZ, EOS

2. Store of Value (SoV)

Also known for: digital gold, people’s currency

Leading currency: Bitcoin BTC

Market value: $ 142 billion

Alternate currencies: BCH, DCR

3. Platform token

Also known for: benefit from both bull and bear market

Leading currency: Binance Coin BNB

Market value: $ 2.4 billion

Alternate currencies: HT, OKB

4. Privacy token

Also known for: Black market currency, core of cyberpunk spirit

Leading currency: Monero XMR

Market value: 1.1 billion US dollars

Alternate currency: ZEC

5. PoS Staking

Also known for: Mining 2.0, pledge rebate model

Leading currency: Ethereum 2.0 ETH2.0

Market value: $ 21.7 billion

Alternate currencies: XTZ, ATOM

6. Master node

Also known for: two tier network, node incentive network

Leading currency: DASH

Market value: 770 million

Alternate: PIVX

7. Internet 3.0/ Web3.0

Also known for: Next-generation Internet, Internet Revolution 3.0

Leading currency: BAT

Market value: $ 260 million

Alternate: Polkadot, NEAR

8. The oracle machine

Also known for: A universal plug for data that connects the cryptocurrency world with the real world

Leading currency: Chainlink 

Market value: $ 1.3 billion

Alternate: BAND, TRB

9. Decentralized Financial Defi

Also known for: New financial system

Leading currency: MakerDAO MKR

Market value: 300 million US dollars

Alternate: KNC, Compound

10. Decentralized autonomous organization DAO

Also known for: Open source organization, exploring new operating relationships

Leading currency: Aragon ANT

Market value: $ 32.8 million

Alternate: GEN, Colony

11. Layer 2 technology

Also known for: The public chain does not have Layer2

Leading currency: Lightning Network

Market value: To be determined

Alternate: SKALE

12. Cross-chain

Also known for: A blockchain Internet

Leading currency: ATOM

Market value: US $ 520 million

Alternate: Polkadot

13. Sharding

Leading currency: NEAR

Market value: To be determined

Alternate: ERD

14. DAG-based network

Also known for: “better than a blockchain”

Leading currency: IOTA

Market value: $ 480 million

Alternate: NANO, HBAR

15. Payment settlement

Also known for: Borderless Payment and Settlement Gateway

Leading currency: XRP

Market value: $ 9.2 billion

Alternate: XLM, Celo

16. Domestic (China’s homegrown chains)

Leading currency: ONT

Market value: 300 million US dollars

Alternate: Nervos, Conflux

17. Decentralized storage

Also known for: HTTP protocol that overturns the traditional Internet

Leading currency: Filecoin

Market value: To be determined

Alternate: Storj, AR

18. On-chain governance

Leading currency: Tesos XTZ

Market value: $ 1.9 billion

Alternate: DCR, Polkadot

19. NFT

Leading currency: Enjin Coin 

Market value: $ 130 million

Alternate: MANA

20. Reward

Leading currency: Dogecoin

Market value: USD 290 million

Alternate: NANO

21. Distributed computing power

Also known for: Shaking Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM’s market monopoly

Leading currency: GNT

Market value: $ 43 million

Alternate: RLC

22. Hard drive mining

Also known for: The original intention of mining by Satoshi Nakamoto

Leading currency: BHD

Market value: $ 43 million

Alternate: MASS

23. Social Communication

Also known for: “Decentralized WeChat”

Leading currency: Status

Market value: $ 78 million


24. Traceability 

Leading currency: VeChain VET

Market value: $ 310 million

Alternate: FCT

25. Decentralized identity 

Leading currency: Civic

Market value: 14 million

Alternate: Sovrin

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