10 Things About the Bitcoin Halving That You Need to Know, Thoughts from the Mining and Investing Community in Asia

10 Things About the Bitcoin Halving That You Need to Know, Thoughts from the Mining and Investing Community in Asia

As we approach the Bitcoin halving within a week, the enthusiasm from the crypto community has once again risen, and Bitcoin prices have soared back up in the last few weeks to approaching its hights in early February.

The Global Coin Research team has been covering the volatility of the market since the getgo and now we are sharing with you all the resources you need to read that will help you piece together the global outlook, highlighting notable comments and price actions from the Asian community.

  1. In Advance of the Halving, Here is what Your Token Narrative is in the Chinese Community- XTZ, DCR, ATOM, DASH, DOT, LINK, SKALE, XRP, CELO
  2. Stablecoin Breaks All-time High: The Total Amount In Circulation Is Nearly $10 Billion, The Total Market Value Of TRC20 USDT Exceeded TRX
  3. Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu’s 2020 Commentary on the Halving and Mining Machines– Bitcoin prices, market sentiment, the S19, and BCH
  4. USDT Shortage in Lending Markets as Bitcoin Tops $10k
  5. Lending Market in China: Miners Are Not Giving Up So Easily Post “Black Friday”
  6. 5 Reasons Why Miners Haven’t Shut Down Despite the March Crash– Unlike in the past, this time around, Bitcoin’s halving coincides with the flood season in China
  7. SAFU’ or Not, Japanese Retail Investors are Still Interested in Buying Bitcoin Despite the Thursday Bloodbath
  8. Mining Leader Interview Series – Poolin COO Chris Zhu on the Halving, Running Mining Pools
  9. On Tether and the Real Bull Market Coming in 2021, according to DFund investor/Renrenbit Founder Zhao Dong
  10. Interview with Genesis Block Head of Trading – on Miners Driving Up Bitcoin Prices; Hong Kong Protests and Bitmain’s Matrixport OTC

Additional Resources:

Crypto Mining 101 – Overview & Landscape of the Mining Industry– An overview of Bitcoin & the Crypto mining space, including the underlying hardware that powers mining, an ecosystem landscape, and industry revenue.

A Look at The Largest Crypto-Backed Lenders in Asia- Matrixport, OKEx, Binance, Babel and more– miners are one of the main customers for these lenders

The Most Profitable Mining Machines Year To Date in 2020

The Rise of the “Cloud Mining” Business

Supply Chains in Chaos: The Coronavirus Impact on Bitcoin Mining

Amber Market Insight: When the Clockwork Symphony Stops- on USDT volume color and the market

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