Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

10 things about the Bitcoin halving that you need to know, thoughts from the mining and investing community in Asia.

Stablecoin breaks all-time high, the total amount in circulation is nearly $10 billion, the total market value of TRC20 USDT exceeds that of TRX.

5 Best Books to understand China’s Internet Economy, including implications for the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem.

Tron Foundation has declined to comment on a report circulating in Chinese media that it has received stimulus funding from the U.S. government.

China court determined bitcoin as legal virtual property but not a currency.

?  Exchange and Markets News

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao debates with podcaster Laura Shin over whether the company has an office—or needs one.

Bitfinex generated $21.4 million in revenue in the first quarter of 2020, nearly twice as much as it brought in during the final quarter of 2019.


Arrano Capital has launched the first cryptocurrency fund in Hong Kong approved by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for distribution to professional investors. The fund is a tracker fund that only buys and holds Bitcoin, targeting a first-year size of US$100 million.


Cambridge University has launched a ‘Bitcoin Mining Map’ that shows the distribution of hashing power worldwide as well as within China. A single Chinese region accounts for one-third of the global BTC hash rate.

Chinese mining hardware giant Bitmain released a batch of Antminer products with a particularly high failure rate, according to a group of miners.


Former president of the Bank of China and the head of the blockchain research group of China Internet & Finance Association: Digital Currency Will No Doubt Maintain Its Dominance in Future Digital Economic Competition.

A critical vulnerability in Loopring’s frontend wallet, which allows anyone to gain control of every account created using it.

Nervos launches $5 million incubator to find killer dapp, it wants to encourage people to build on its two-tiered blockchain.

YouTube’s biggest gaming star chose his “home platform” over Tron CEO Justin Sun’s blockchain-based streaming service.

Justin Sun’s new stablecoin JUST sold out in under 5 minutes, this was the first token issued on Poloniex’s IEO platform LaunchBase.

? Business

As China stops the spread of COVID-19 inside the country, the government announced two of the largest crypto and blockchain-related developments- the Blockchain-based Service Network, and the central digital currency.

Chainalysis has launched a new initiative to shed more light on the scope of its latest crypto crime analyses around North Korea and Iran.

Australian livestock traceability platform, Aglive Group Limited, announced the completion of a pilot tracing beef exports from Australia to China on May 4.

Major Chinese cryptocurrency miners expect a wave of new Bitcoin buyers following the halving.


A comprehensive guidance for crypto exchange operators in Hong Kong – a new SFC regulatory regime for virtual asset trading platforms.

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