Tuesday News Roundup

🌟 Top News from Friday to Today

In an out-of-character move, China’s top state-owned TV broadcaster published an article about how Bitcoin’s price could rise after the Bitcoin halving.

The chairman of one of the largest telecom providers in China, China Telecom, said that blockchain has high-potential use cases to enhance 5G network services.

A speech in China last week made clear that the country is struggling with mounting concerns about how it will compete against Facebook’s Libra.

Examing the super app strategy adopted by the ride-hailing companies in Southeast Asia.

The Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan published new STO regulations.

💸Exchange and Markets News

Crypto Derivatives in 2020: youtube interview FTX/Amber/F2Pool/Skew:

FTX Founder on building in crypto: if we want to rely entirely on a system, we must understand all aspects of it and build it ourselves.

Data from traffic tracking platform SimilarWeb indicates that the number of visits to crypto exchanges fell in April compared to March.

Deribit moved to block users in Japan after the country tightened its crypto rules. Other derivatives exchanges are weighing their options. International fiat digital asset exchange, OKCoin, bringing top brass from and Coinbase to its front office.

At the 8btc Global Partner Online Summit, Xu Kun (CSO of OKEx), Zhi Ge (co-founder of BiBull), Zhong Lifei (Technical Operation Director of Bytom) along with Wang Tianqi, (Leader of QKL123), discussed predecessors and successors of crypto exchanges.


Bitcoin miners generated $412.5 million in revenue in April, which is 8% more revenue in April as compared to March, thanks to a gradual recovery in bitcoin’s price.

Binance’s entrance to the Bitcoin mining industry could create a great disparity for the Bitcoin community.

Miners in Europe gear up for Bitcoin halving, but energy costs still a barrier.; relatedly, a study surveying reps from top EU mining firms found many believe regulations and protections offset higher electricity costs.


While the fear and uncertainty surrounding BTC has decreased before the halving, experts note greed aspect of the F&G Index is rising.

Representatives from the Loom Network have clarified that, though they have pivoted to an enterprise solution, the project remains active.

Vitalik Buterin took on the Bitcoin community on Twitter by tweeting that it’s the Bitcoin community that has a lot of centraklized middlemen like Tether, Bitfinex, and Blockstream’s sidechain called Liquid while Ethereum community is leading the decentralization by using smart contracts.

Varying perspectives trail post-halving expectation.

Klaytn, the public blockchain platform developed by Ground X, an affiliate of the major South Korean internet company, Kakao, joined Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity.

China pioneers a national digital currency. Can the U.S. catch up?

🧳 Business

Singapore-based DBS bank joins blockchain trade-finance network Contour to disrupt its letters of credit settlement process.

The South Korean blockchain space sees many new platforms trading for unlisted stocks, following an offering from state-backed Koscom last year.

South Korea’s smart city Sejong will be establishing a blockchain-based identity verification platform for self-driving vehicles.

Blockchain-powered rewards startup MiL.k strikes a partnership with a retail cluster in Seoul downtown, brings the technology to “millions.”

Japan’s SBI Holdings is proposing Ripple to partner with multinational corporations to increase transparency and traceability across supply chains.

A pilot program is underway in Hainan, China that aims to strengthen cross-border payments via blockchain technology.


Members of the new Asia Pacific Provenance Council are putting their hopes on blockchain technology – as well as the support of Mastercard and Alibaba Australia – to improve the efficiency of supply chains which export $76 bln worth of Australian agricultural surplus to China every year.

China’s central bank tightens regulations on cryptocurrency as well as money laundering.

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