ReadyLayerOne with Amber Group, dYdX, Babel Finance and

ReadyLayerOne with Amber Group, dYdX, Babel Finance and

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Last week, GCR founder Joyce Yang along with several other leading Defi and Cefi companies and founders in Asia spoke at ReadyLayerOne, a leading blockchain event organized by the top Layer One players such as Tezos, Polkadot, Near, Cosmos and more.

In our conversation, we’ve covered many topics, including:

  1.’s recent hack– Mindao addresses the hack and how the team chased back the assets and the project’s future plans.
  2. dYdX’s plan to enter Asia- the team just introduced a perpetual swap product and are looking to penetrate the Asia market. Get the latest trading discount on dYdX by using our referral link:
  3. Flex Yang, CEO of Babel Finance- Flex touched on Babel’s success in the last year, and his thoughts and observations in anticipation of the halving.
  4. Amber Group’s latest focus in Asia: Amber is one of the largest crypto trading firms in Asia, head of sales Leslie Lamb shares what they are hearing from institutional investors.
  5. The two camps discuss the future of finance in crypto: the centralized finance team and the decentralized finance projects discuss the speed of innovation and how cefi and defi are crossing.
  6. Defi has historically been whale heavy, how do we bring mass adoption to defi?
  7. Defi products is getting more complicated– is it ever going to replace CeFi? does that require sacrifice on the decentralization part? or do we see CeFi really diverging and setting off an entire different pace from Defi?

Tune in below to hear all their insights and thoughts!

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