The Cypherpunk Women Anthology- Join Us in Virtual Reality

The Cypherpunk Women Anthology- Join Us in Virtual Reality

We are thrilled to announce that the Cypherpunk Women Anthology will be published by Cita Press this week, compiled and edited by Leigh Cuen, with contribution from Global Coin Research founder Joyce Yang along with many other awesome women in the crypto space.

We are inviting Global Coin Research readers to join the VR book launch event on May 23, organized by Reckless VR. We’ll use Altspace VR, which can work on a Windows PC without a VR headset, or on a Mac with the VR headsets listed here:

This is the event page on Altpsace VR: who want to join need to read the instructions and RSVP before the event begins.

If you have any questions about equipment (which you can rent! Just Google for rental vendors in your city), feel free to ask the organizer Udi ( 

Join us and other contributors to “Cypherpunk Women” will be at the VR party, sign up:

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