Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

Insight: why crypto mining becomes a new trend in western China?

Amber group😕 ?global? ?macro? ?tailwinds? ?for? ?Bitcoin?.

Unpublished preliminary scores from Crypto Rating Council found Tron’s TRX, Polkadot’s DOT could face a higher chance of being deemed securities.

Bitmain co-founder storms China office with a dozen security guards.

Crypto exchange Coincheck says it suffered a data breach, which may have exposed some users’ personal information.

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?Exchange and Market News

P2P crypto exchange LocalBitcoins receives most criminal funds, with the largest contributor to this high number is a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme by Wotoken in China. 

An amended lawsuit filed against Bitfinex and Tether for allegedly manipulating the crypto market, Bittrex and Poloniex added as new defendants.

Who’s behind this? Series #21: Max Boonen, Co-Founder and CEO of B2C2 – the #1 liquidity provider in Japan.

The Singapore-based crypto exchange is launching interest rate swaps that allow traders to speculate on the rates themselves.

OK Group launches OK Recruit, a blockchain talent development scheme and set up a special fund for blockchain personnel training,

Binance Korea will be using an Anti-Money Laundering solution developed by Coinfirm, as the country requires a high level of regulatory compliance for crypto.


Japan-based financial technology developer LayerX raises US$28 million.

Crypto-based restaurant review platform SynchroLife raises $2.6 million Series A.

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), one of the largest computing chip producers in China, plans to raise $2.8 billion through an initial public offering on the Sci-Tech Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

China’s chip-making giant SMIC, which recently partnered with bitcoin miner maker Canaan, files for $2.8 billion IPO.


Chinese Bitcoin miners southward migration for affordable hydropower after halving 2020.

Transition from POW to POS for Chinese miners may be a good choice as policies tighten.

Chinese crypto miner maker Canaan launches two new mining machines: Avalon 1146Pro and Avalon 1166. The power consumption of these two mining machines is 40% higher than that of the Whatsminer’s M30S + + which has the smallest power consumption on the market, but the former’s computing power is less than one-third of the latter.


Bleak outlook for the Chinese Yuan could be bullish for Bitcoin.

Pornhub adds Tether to its payment options via TRON wallet.

? Business

More blockchain companies set up shop in Hong Kong in 2019 than firms from any other fintech sub-sector, according to a report from the region’s Financial Services and the Treasury Burea.

Japan’s three megabanks look to link their digital currencies to East Japan Railway’s popular Suica smart transit card, hoping to expand their customer bases by improving convenience..

Licensed Malaysian crypto exchange Tokenize integrated an external market surveillance system.

Tencent Cloud â€” Tencent’s cloud computing arm — is forming a blockchain alliance to further the industrial implementation of the technology.

The Chinese province of Yunnan will track their tea supply chain using blockchain technology, track $2.5B worth of tea products.


As China bids to make the island province of Hainan into a giant free trade zone on par with Hong Kong, plans include a big bet on blockchain, according to recently released documents.

Japan Finance Minister Taro Aso suggested he was unwilling to push for lowering the tax rate on cryptocurrencies in Japan to a flat 20% because it’s difficult for many households to invest in digital assets..

A Seoul court granted the petition demanded by the prosecutors to freeze crypto wallets owned by the head of the Nth Room case.

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