Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

AMA Recap: Trader Spotlight feat. CryptoCat. https://bit.ly/2XHUfvP

Take aways from China’s biggest crypto mining conference. https://bit.ly/2XIiomd

What crypto projects can learn from luxury brands when establishing a global presence. https://bit.ly/3cK1BTV

Thousands of bank accounts of crypto OTC traders in China’s Guangdong province are frozen by local police. https://bit.ly/2Y891v2

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?Exchange and Markets News

Binance-backed, crypto-friendly Founders Bank is still waiting to receive a license in Malta. https://bit.ly/2MFzmLE

South Korean crypto exchange is first to list Kakao’s token. https://bit.ly/3eXE2Ze

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurrent leads National Digital Payments Study. https://bit.ly/3cryC7m


Bitcoin’s mining difficulty dropped, is a bullish period ahead? https://bit.ly/2A6jMWV


TokenInsight: Most exchange tokens, including BNB, are undervalued. https://bit.ly/37coYV2

See the source imageInvestments and Startups 

Why Coinbase’s acquisition of Tagomi could pose neutrality problems, according to Su Zhu, with possible situations in which Tagomi could give preference to Coinbase for trades that it might have also routed through competing exchanges. https://bit.ly/2XGEA00 BitMEX parent offers $100K grant to Bitcoin Core researcher Gleb Naumenko. https://bit.ly/2XK1zaE

Luxembourg-based startup ANote Music will launch a blockchain-based platform that allows its users to invest in music royalties. https://bit.ly/3crysNi

Nearly 40% of new fintech firms to launch in Hong Kong over the past year are operating in the blockchain sector. https://bit.ly/3f7rUFn

? Business

Chinese tech giant Tencent forms alliance to promote blockchain development. https://bit.ly/3cNoHJo

Taiwan’s Cathay Financial Holdings (CFH) has disclosed its technology center is developing an electric vehicle (EV) IoT blockchain financing platform through cooperation with EV charging service provider ChargeSmith and blockchain startup BSOS. https://bit.ly/2XHslQD

Asia Blockchain Summit 2020: the sky is no limit for the future of blockchain. https://bit.ly/3dVJWtK

A Chinese commercial bank issued China’s first asset-backed commercial paper worth $16.93 billion on a blockchain. https://bit.ly/30mWUNo

China Wanxiang Holdings Vice Chairman believes blockchain along with other high tech will lead a more globalized world. https://bit.ly/3f0frDe

China’s Suzhou city wants to implement a blockchain-based pilot program to use real-time notarial tracing functions across the country. https://bit.ly/3h698zV


Singapore sees 300% yearly spike in Q1 cryptojacking attacks amid COVID-19. https://bit.ly/2UklryD

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), the country’s central bank, announced that it used blockchain technology to deposit funds to local banks.  https://bit.ly/2Ydvuqr

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