Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

Chinese state media takes aim at Binance while Huobi looks on.

The legalization of crypto-mining in China – RelayNode China.

Leon Li, CEO of Huobi, and the History of Huobi (Part 1).

Bitmain struggle continues as the ousted CEO reportedly halts ASIC deliveries.

Grayscale GBTC and ETHE arbitrage risks.

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?Exchange and Trading News

BTCUSD Quarterly Futures contract with leverage up to 125x, now available on the Binance.

Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital now holds 6.26% of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares, worth nearly $259 million.

Binance CZ explains the four key criteria to follow in order to build a truly global business.

It looks like some stolen Bitfinex coins are already back at Bitfinex.

See the source imageInvestment

India: Mahindra, chairman, Mahindra Group has invested $1 million in Hapramp, a blockchain-based social media startup.


Bitcoin miners that come from China had fallen from 75.63% in September 2019 to 65.08% by the end of April. US and Kazakhstan saw increased shares.

Bitfury is planning to launch a Bitcoin mining fund in Japan following a rollout of the offering in North America last month.

Institutional and western purchase of mining machines have ramped up since the halving. focus on small minable coins post halving, such as Filecoin and Grin.

A citywide practice exam in Chinese universities just asked students about Bitcoin mining.


Coinbase says it is reviewing 18 new digital assets for possible support, including Vechain.

A PayPal for Ethereum: meet Loopring Pay.

Brave is collaborating with a Japanese e-sports team and Korean pop idol group to offer a limited release version of its browser in Japan.

South Korean Merchants are open Open to Accepting Digital Yuan once the COVID-19 pandemic passes and Chinese tourist flow increases in the country..

? Business

Cambodia to launch blockchain-powered lottery scratchcards.

HSBC’s political role extends beyond Hong Kong to internationalizing renminbi.

Moscow said to hire Kaspersky to build voting Blockchain with Bitfury Software.

South Korean insurance giant KB Insurance plans to implement a blockchain-enabled mobile message delivery system for its clients.

The South Korean NH NongHyup Bank has announced a memorandum of understanding to research and develop blockchain-based financial services through a new consortium.

Japan-based BitFlyer Blockchain revealed a new blockchain-based new app to allow fair voting at virtual shareholders meetings.

Commercial service on Crypto Garage’s Settlement system, trialed for a year within Japan’s regulatory sandbox, is now available.

Japan homebuilder Sekisui House is utilizing blockchain technology to move it closer to one-stop leases for rental properties.


Chinese local governments hit a bump in the road with implementing blockchain applications because stakeholders don’t want to share their data.

Former VP of PBoC says Bitcoin is the most commercial application of Blockchain.

More bank accounts of cryptocurrency over-the-counter (OTC) traders have been frozen as Chinese police have been ramping up efforts to crack down on illicit activities.

South Korea’s second-largest city, Busan, will let its citizens access government services using a blockchain-based identification app developed by Coinplug.

A Chinese court has found a former bank employee guilty of embezzling millions of yuan to buy bitcoin.

China’s Shanxi province announced that the Shanxi Blockchain Public Chain Infrastructure Construction Project,” a public blockchain project with a budget of 50 million yuan, or around $7 million.

Key regulatory developments in Hong Kong and Singapore: May 2020.

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