Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Bitisis, an Iran-based crypto exchange widely reported by the Chinese media, has gone bust. https://bit.ly/2UINyIk

The majority of Chinese companies don’t plan to cut down on Blockchain spending. https://bit.ly/2YAIFCf

Hong Kong crisis heightens stablecoins’ use for fleeing RMB-denominated assets. https://bit.ly/2UMqw39

?Exchange and Investment News

Major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is integrating Paxful’s Kiosk and trading services into its platform. https://bit.ly/2YxyFJQ

Chinese investors secretly buying Bitcoin helped fuel Tether’s $5 Billion surge. https://bit.ly/2YF6JDZ

? Business

Takeshi Fujimaki, a former adviser to George Soros, said it was “not a surprise” to hear Paul Tudor Jones’ Bitcoin revelation. https://bit.ly/30L7aiS

The Bank of Korea has tapped six experts to assess possible legal issues surrounding the launch of a central bank digital currency. https://bit.ly/2AuoLRr

China’s central bank digital currency could be deployed using existing payment rails without citizens noticing the change. https://bit.ly/2C4cK5j

350 Chinese companies surveyed still believe in the higher potential that blockchain technology could offer to their businesses. https://bit.ly/30L4TUG

Chinese banks are clarifying that they are not shutting down any legal crypto accounts. https://bit.ly/30KF8UE

To become truly decentralized, blockchain projects should remove the dependency on the centralized cloud providers used as their data storage. https://bit.ly/2AFsNGp

Blockchain gets its claws into Hong Kong’s fintech scene. https://bit.ly/3fqwazJ

China takes battle for cryptocurrency hegemony to a new stage. https://s.nikkei.com/3fDaiB


China’s government fuels stablecoin economy: Hong Kong protesters, Singapore, and Mainland residents flee capital controls. https://bit.ly/30EG10S

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